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Liberal Arts Graduates Progress Into Different Job Fields

While a third of liberal arts graduates start off in sales, office and administration, and education occupations, by the third job many have moved over to marketing and management. Their earning potential increases over time. ("What's A Liberal Arts Degree Worth", Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2019)

Cybersecurity Hot Job Field

Over 300,000 open positions in cybersecurity currently but limited number of college programs. Computer science degree not necessary but should have strong computer and video game interests and abilities. ("Cybersecurity Jobs Abound, No Experience Necessary" Wall Street Journal May 11, 2019)

Industry 4.0 will include Growth and Speed Bumps

By 2030, the labor market could include 8-9% new occupations. The new growth is expected to offset the loss of jobs due to automation. Workplace transformations will be required as people need to enter new occupations. Preparation is the key to cooperation between workers and technology. ("Industry 4.0 Could Create Millions of New Jobs", Futurithmic, Feb 2019)

Blue Collar Worker Shortage

Workers are surprisingly harder to find for some manufacturing, construction and service occupations due to increase in education, rising labor-force-drop-out numbers, disinclination to do manual work and lower immigration. May result in higher pay and benefits and increased opportunities for women. ("Shortage of blue collar workers roiling US labor market", Bloomberg News Dec 16, 2018).