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Keri Aaver

Essam Ali Osman Abobakr

Alicia Acker

Nancy Al Hamad

Nisreen Al Disi

Abdullah Saeed Alareefi

Hamda H. Alnaimi

Khalifa Alsalahi Alyafei

Eman S Alyousef

Gavan Ambrosini

Bret Anderson

Dalia Awad

Jessica Ayub

Shannon Baker

Yaser Bakkar

Steven Barber

Kerri Barnes

Emily Bennett

Muath Bin Hussain

Taylor Bingham

Leidya Boutros

Angela Q. Brown

Felicity Brown

Linda Bryant

Jonathan E Byers

Marion Cannon

Dennis Chan

Ella Chan

Jeffrey Wai Meng Chan

Krim Chan

Mabel P. Chan

Vera V. Chapman

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Lorraine Holeman

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Basma Hosny

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Carla Hunter

Ronda Isaacs

Sara E. Jay

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Claire Baixiao Ouyang

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Amy Pierce-Danders

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Tricia Zelaya-Leon




Keri AaverKeri Aaver

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Certified Business Coach, Certified Business Engagement Professional
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Workforce Development
Instructor owns CareerWise Consulting, LLC, and is a Workforce Development Consultant, Career Coach and Job Developer Training Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in L.A. County workforce development and Higher Education with an average of 85-95% placement rates and nearly a 100% employee retention. During that time, she served more than 75,000 jobseekers through coaching and training the center staff on effective 1:1 and Group Career Coaching practices. In 2022, she shifted into full-time career coaching and training for job developers and other career services specialists, to help ensure that government, non-profit, and academic career/employment center staff are able to manage their career-life balance while achieving outstanding employment results for their jobseekers through using effective placement strategies and coaching. She is a Gallup certified CliftonStrengths Coach with a distinctly Strengths-Based approach to career development. FCD Course Registration Link: www.careerwiseconsulting.com/fcd

Essam Ali Osman AbobakrEssam A Li Osman Abobakr

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, NBA, LVE
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
I am dedicated to empowering individuals to align their career paths with their values and interests. As the founder of impactful programs targeting youth trends and professional growth, I leverage advanced assessment tools and technology to guide career transitions that resonate with personal strengths and aspirations. Certified GCDF since 2011 and recognized as one of the early achievers of GCDF in the Arab region, I have worked with cases from numerous Arab countries, bringing a deep understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds to my practice. MBA holder from ESLSCA University, with a commitment to ongoing professional development and research as a Ph.D. researcher. I have successfully helped individuals navigate career shifts and pursue paths aligned with their unique styles and values. As a project manager and coordinator for various governmental initiatives, I have honed my skills in driving positive change and innovation in career development.


Alicia AckerAlicia Acker Instructor Photo

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, CRWE
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Alicia has more than six years’ experience providing career coaching and career related services to a wide array of individuals. Alicia serves as the director of the career services department at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI where she helps students with career exploration, career planning, and the job search process. She will help you enhance your career development skills to help meet your customized needs.

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Nancy Al HamadPhoto Nancy

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, International Certified Career Coach
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
As the Founder and CEO of Bridge the Gap, I lead initiatives in youth empowerment, professional training, and personalized career counseling. My credentials as the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Instructor, Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), NCDA Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP), and International Certified Career Coach are more than just titles; they are testaments to my unwavering commitment to guide individuals through the challenging maze of career decisions. My goal and mission are to enable the youth to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application, helping them carve out their unique career pathways, and guiding them in honing the skills and abilities they need to succeed.I am dedicated to equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge they need, guiding and preparing them for the rapidly evolving job market.

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Nisreen Al DisiDr.Nisreen

Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
With over 24 years' successful experience as a Founder, CEO and Managing Director of PRAVO®, a niche training and consulting business based in Jordan, Dr. Al-Disi is the first NCDA Instructor in Jordan for the Facilitating Career Development training program, also an accredited professional member in NCDA, IAEVG, and APCDA. She holds a Ph.D degree in Curriculum and Teaching, and is ToT certified from Arab Trainers Union and Jordan Trainers Society, and also a certified DACUM and SCID professional from The Ohio State University, USA. Dr. Al-Disi's passion in helping others is reflected in her many contributions; trained +500 career development managers, counselors and staff from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Vocational Training Institutes, and Employment Offices in Jordan; coached career practitioners serving +300,000 students and Job seekers in different governorates in Jordan; empowered +15,000 youth in their career development through effective training, seminars and workshops; participated in many career development research studies, occupational standards and curriculum development in Jordan through projects funded by NGOs. You will enjoy your learning experience with Dr. Al-Disi using mutli-paced training delivery as well as a bi-lingual (English and Arabic). Face-face training in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other countries in the region are on the agenda.

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Abdullah Saeed Alaraifi

Credentials: GCDF, EQPC, MAPS, TTP, Prosci
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
In 2011, Abdullah began working as a career development facilitator in Saudi Arabia's very first large-scale career development project, known as the Hafiz-Taqat Job Placement Centers. He then worked as a soft skillstrainer and career advisor for more than 40 different companies in the public, commercial, and non profit sectors. He is currently employed at CareerHubKSA, a company that provides and leads professional localized career development services to Saudi Arabians at various stages of their lives while collaborating with all industries.

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Hamda H. Alnaimi

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, General, Higher Education, International Students, K-12
Dr. Hamda Alnaimi has 25 years of experience in Qatari Education system, 12 of which in career advising, has hands-on experience in advising students in Qatar both K-12 and high education students. Working in the scholarship department in Qatar, Hamda has a good insight of the scholarship programs which enhance the service she provides especially for students who qualify for such service. Hamda has been rewarded a PhD. from the University of Reading for her thesis that studied Qatari Students future educational and occupational decisions and the factors affecting these decisions. Getting her master degree from Ohio University in secondary education, Hamda had the chance to attend an American high school and live a real experience that helped her dealing with issues across cultures. Dr. Alnaimi currently serves as Senior Career Development Specialist at QCDC within Qatar Foundation where she provides several programs aimed toward providing free career advising service for various clients.

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Khalifa Alsalahi AlyafeiImg 8094

Credentials: CCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Higher Education, K-12
The CEO of Qatar Finance & Business Academy (QFBA), has been an academic visionary and his professional background is quite exemplary for today’s new generation of Qatari youths. Mr. Alyafei has an extensive experience working with Qatari students in the areas of career counseling, student recruitment and coaching. Previously, Mr. Alyafei worked as the Director of Student Affairs and is a Lecturer at the Qatar Finance and Business Academy in collaboration with Northumbria University in Qatar, where he was responsible for the development of the student’s affairs department and responsible for lecturing Employability and Career Planning Module for Year 3 students. Mr. Alyafei also worked as the Manager of National Scholarships at Sidra Medicine where he managed the scholarship administration and talent pipeline. Mr. Alyafei is A PhD candidate at Lancaster University specializing in Higher Education, where he also published various intriguing journals and white papers and participated in local and regional conferences and forums. Mr. Alyafei is a board member and country representative of MENASA NASPA conference which focuses on student affairs field in MENA region. He was also a board member of Qatar-UK Alumni Network. Mr. Alyafei undertook his Master’s degree at Penn State University (USA) in Career Counseling where he also worked as a Career Counselor at one of the biggest career centers in USA. Further, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Leeds (UK).

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Eman S AlyousefPic

Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Human Resources
Eman has 16 years of diverse experience in career development, Banks, Compliance, retail sector and government sector, freelance trainer in business administration since 2010.

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Gavan Ambrosini Gavan Ambrosini

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MA Ed., ICF, PCC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Gavan Ambrosini is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and principal and founder of Ambrosini Consulting Group dedicated to helping organizations develop a high-performance innovative culture built on trust and transparency. She partners with the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management Career Development Team, U.C. Davis Continuing and Professional Education and Better UP Coaching as a career management coach, instructor, trainer, and consultant. She is a Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder trainer and coach and an EQ assessment practitioner. She helps individuals and teams discover their talents and strengths, maximize potential and realize goals and a vision with clarity and confidence. Gavan has her MA of Education in Organizational Learning and Development and her BA in Psychology. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the Association of Talent Development (ATD) in Sacramento. When not working, she loves to spend time with her husband, two teenaged-daughters and their dog camping, biking or hiking in the great California outdoors.

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Bret AndersonBret Anderson Ph D 2

Credentials: CCSP, PhD, OWDS Master Trainer, AFC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners,l Workforce Development
Research and publication focus areas for Dr. Anderson include but are not limited to Career Development for Homeless & Incarcerated Veterans, Employment Retention remedies for Returning Veterans with PTSD and/or Cognitive Impairment, and Exceptional Employer Outreach Strategies for Homeless Veterans and Justice Involved individuals. Dr. Anderson has focused research and education services in Personal Financial Wellness as well as an established Executive and Front-Line Leadership curriculum and philosophy program designed for corporate clients. Before establishing h2C, Dr. Anderson worked with the National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI). Courses Dr. Anderson directly developed and/or revised include: Personal Financial Readiness 101 for Air Force A&FRC personnel; Job Coaching for the Incarcerated Veteran/Offender Population (JCIV & JCOP); Developing the Career Readiness Coach (DCRC);The Transition Assistance Program Facilitator Course (TAP); Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program (IVTP); Offender Workforce Development Program (OWDS). Dr. Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University, his Masters in Communication, and Bachelors in Communication from the University of Colorado Denver. He holds the following certifications/credentials: Certified Career Services Professional – Instructor (NCDA); Accredited Financial Counselor (AFCPE); Offender Employment Retention Specialist (NIC); Offender Workforce Development Specialist (NIC); True Colors Certified Facilitator (True Colors International); Situational Leadership II Certified Facilitator (Blanchard Institute).

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Dalia Awad

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education, Human Resources, Workforce Development
Dalia Awad has more than 30 years of experience in the educational and advising fields in the areas of management, training, career education, coaching, advising and evaluation. She joined the Career Center at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in summer 2001 as a career advisor. In the span of 19 years, she has been promoted and is now the executive director of the AUC Career Center. Awad is qualified to administer and interpret several self-assessment tools including the MBTI and SII psychometric assessments. She has designed and delivered career development workshops, met individually with students and alum to address their career needs and and delivered career modules in classrooms. She was involved in the establishment of two Employability and Career Development Centers in 2 public universities and is currently involved as a technical advisor in another project which undertakes opening 21 Career Centers in 14 public universities.

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Jessica AyubJessica Ayub 2022


Credentials: GCDF, CCSP, LPCC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Jessica Ayub, MA, LPCC, GCDF, CCSP is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is a State of Minnesota Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). Jessica has worked for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system for over nine years, including since 2020 with Normandale and over five years, she served as a Career Services Director for a two-year college. Jessica has also held roles in mental health and substance abuse treatment, vocational rehabilitation and supported federal, state, and county workforce programs and grants. She has held several leadership positions with NCDA and other national career organizations and remains very involved in career development initiatives.

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Shannon BakerShannon Baker

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, K12, Workforce Development
Shannon Baker is an education consultant and Business and Marketing Education instructor in the state of North Carolina. She is a partner of KB Consulting Group, LLC, which specializes in educational and corporate professional development, with a focus on equitable leadership practices. Shannon attained her Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees from North Carolina State University in Business and Marketing Education. She is an NCDA Facilitating Career Development Instructor, 2019 completer of the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Master Trainer Program and a True Colors® Facilitator. Her professional affiliations include: Association of Career and Technical Educators (ACTE); Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) Alumni; National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE); NCLA CTE Administrators Association. KB Consulting Group LLC delivers the Facilitating Career Development Course in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online instruction).

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Yaser BakkarMypic

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, K-12
Dr. Yaser started his career as a psychiatrist, when he found that career satisfaction is a major component of mental health and well-being, so he shifted his practice to career development. In the last 14 years, he trained more than 400 career counselors, and more than 10,000 students and employees in Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries. In addition, he developed four psychometric assessments to help individuals to explore their personalities, interests, competencies, and values. Dr. Yaser has great interest in development career guidance content, so he published seven books and studies which focused on career development needs in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Also, he was fortunate to be in supported to build the largest website in GCC to help high school students in choosing their career path, which is (IKTSHAF). Currently he works on his own company (CareerExperts Consulting) to provide different career services to private companies, education and non-for-profit organizations. 

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Steven BarberSteven Barber

Areas of Expertise: Workforce Development, Military/Veterans, Higher Education, Business & Industry, Human Resources
Steven Barber is the Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer for Elevate P3. He serves as their primary instructor for the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) course. He has over 15 years of career development and career counseling experience in a variety of settings (academic, military, and American Job Center career centers). In addition to his role at Elevate P3, he is a Management Professor at Eastern Florida State College where he teaches courses ranging from Human Resource Management to Management & Leadership to Business Communication and more. Additionally, he advises, coaches, and mentors students as they navigate their career and academic pathways. Steven Barber holds a Master of Science in HR Training & Development, Master of Arts in Professional Development, Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and numerous professional certifications from the career services industry, human resources field, and in leadership (CCSP, GCDF, GCDF-I, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, RBLP-T). He is also a proud retired military veteran who served for more than 21 years in the U.S. Army.

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Kerri BarnesKerri Barnes

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Master of Organizational Leadership, Certified Court Manager
Kerri has been involved in the criminal justice community since graduating with her bachelor’s in criminal justice from Northern Arizona University (NAU). After several years in the Arizona Department of Corrections prison system, she began her career in workforce development in 2006 at a local non-profit as a Program Director. She managed multiple grant programs focused on assisting specialized populations.  Kerri has been a speaker and a panelist on various workforce development topics on many occasions. In her first few positions at the City of Phoenix, she co-managed a workforce center and was promoted to manage the Quality Assurance team for the ARIZONA@WORK City of Phoenix Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program.  Her current position is Court Administrator for the Municipal Court.Kerri has earned her Master of Organizational Leadership from NAU along with several credentials, including Certified Court Manager, Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor, Certified Career Services Provider, and Certified Workforce Development Professional.  She is also certified to teach one of the Institute for Court Management modules in the Certified Court Manager curricula.  Additionally, she is a Department of Labor and Department of Justice peer grant reviewer. In her free time, Kerri spends time with her family and enjoys traveling abroad.


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Emily BennettEmily Bennett Instructor Bio Headshot

Credentials: CMCS, CPRW, MEd
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, Private Practitioners
Emily has 15+ years of experience in career services, training and development, program administration, recruitment, admissions, advising, and human resources. She is currently an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as the Manager of Experiential Learning in their School of Computing & Information. She is the founder of Bennett Career Consulting, as well as a Career Coach for a global outplacement firm. She was trained in career counseling at Carnegie Mellon University and holds a master’s degree in Higher Education Management, a bachelor’s degree in English, and associate degrees in Business and Accounting. She is a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Salary Negotiation Facilitator (AAUW), Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI practitioner. She serves as a qualified reviewer of credentialing applications for the National Career Development Association (NCDA), as well as a mentor with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). She is always looking to give back to the profession and train the next career services practitioners of the future.

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Muath Bin Hussain

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, JCDC, JCTC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, 
Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. MBA and Executive MBA

Taylor BinghamTaylor Bingham Headshot

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Education
Taylor Bingham works at Amarillo College in the Panhandle of Texas serving all 7 of their campuses as their Career and Employment Services Coordinator. She has experience in career services, training and development and in teaching college Communication courses. She teaches the Facilitating Career Development course to faculty and staff on campus, and she coaches students in their own career journey on a daily basis. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her family.

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Leidya BoutrosLeidya Boutros

Credentials: CCSP, MBTI, SII, Holistic Narrative Certified Professional, Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Since 2012, Leidya has contributed to the first training of career services providers in the region and in Egypt in universities’ career centers, established through a USAID-funded grant. Leidya was also selected to deliver the course to professionals from the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and an Egyptian youth development non-governmental organization, Om Habiba Foundation in 2021, as part of the Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP) funded by Global Affairs Canada to improve the livelihoods of 6,000 young women and men in Aswan city. Leidya also delivered multiple courses to Saudi professionals in various sectors, as part of the joint strategic initiative between the King Saud University and the National Career Development Association (NCDA). Leidya holds the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential, and is licensed to run and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII). She is a certified Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP) and accredited Strengths Profile practitioner. Boutros is a member of NCDA, the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), and the National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE). Boutros' professional experience includes diplomatic service in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and working on public diplomacy programs at the American Embassy in Cairo.

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Angela Q. BrownAngela Q Brown profile pic

Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Education, Workforce Development
A passionate, experienced instructor that strives to empower individuals of all ages with a broad array of knowledge, resources, and skills to be successful citizens and individuals (personally, financially, and professionally) as well as lifelong learners. Strives for excellence. Student and customer-service oriented, positive community and workforce relationships. Ready and flexible, hybrid course format. 12+ years of workforce development (HRD at the community college level and NC Works Career Center) and teaching experience (public and higher education) - F2F and online.

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Felicity BrownFelicity Professional Closeup

Areas of Expertise: Business and Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners
Felicity Brown has 30 years' experience working in corporations, government and higher education. Felicity lived and worked in Asia for nearly 20 years including Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam before returning to her native Australia in March 2021. She took the first steps in achieving long held dreams of becoming a Career Coach and Facilitator in 2011 after 20 years public service and diplomatic career. Her private practice focuses on delivering career transition coaching for people at all stages of their life journey, especially mid-career professional women, migrants, and expats and university students and graduates. Felicity's coaching style is warm, positive and future-focused. Her clients experience higher levels of self-awareness and develop increased confident to get out of their comfort zones to drive their careers and live authentically.

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Linda BryantLinda Bryant


Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Linda's experience spans across four decades in the human services field with an emphasis on serving marginalized communities of color faced with overcoming barriers to employment, education and training. Formerly with Emerge Community Development (a workforce and training agency in Minneapolis), she held the role of VP of Workforce and Training, Human Services Liaison and Affirmative Action Officer. Areas of expertise include workforce development (adults and youth), contracts management, technical training and internships for youth and adults, program development for specific populations. Almost half of her life has been in direct service bringing a unique perspective to working with clients/program participants and specifically communities of color. In addition to a MA in Leadership and Management, BA Psychology and Certified Life Coach, she is passionate about teaching people how to deliver high quality experiences to participants and clients. Her role is to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Jonathan E ByersJonathan Byers Photo

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MBTI Level 1 Certification
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education
As Director of Career Education in the Office of Career & Professional Development at Gonzaga University, Jonathan currently leads a team of one part-time staff member, one graduate assistant, and 20 undergraduate & graduate student workers. Prior to working at Gonzaga, he served as an Assistant Director in the Office of Career and Professional Development at Virginia Tech. Prior to his work at Virginia Tech, Jonathan worked as a school counselor in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District in North Carolina. He is enthusiastic about empowering young adults to achieve their full career development potential. He also manages major career educational events, activities, and programs for Gonzaga Career and Professional Development. He is a certified trainer for the NCDA Facilitating Career Development course and holds a GCDF certification, CCSP certification, and MBTI Level I certification.

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Marion Franklin CannonMarion.Cannon.Headshot

Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
From paralegal to professor, Marion has navigated diverse paths and found her passion in guiding others toward meaningful careers. Her life has been a tapestry woven with threads of legal expertise, technical innovation, and a love for education. This rich tapestry allows Marion to connect with students on a deeper level, understanding their anxieties and unlocking their potential. Marion wears many hats, and each contributes to her mission of empowering individuals: Lecturer of Computer Science, Computer Applications Adjunct Instructor, and Co-founder of two education non-profit organizations. Her background is as diverse as her career aspirations. When you work with Marion, you get more than just a career coach. You get a mentor, a cheerleader, and a strategist who understands the ever-evolving job market. Her mission is to help you discover your strengths, navigate challenges, and build a career path that fuels your passion and leads to lasting success. Marion earned an MS degree in Information Technology and a BAS degree in Administrative Management and has completed supplemental coursework in adult learning and development and human resources. She enjoys creating crafts using vinyl, paper, beads, fabric, and yarn in her free time.

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Dennis ChanDennis Chan

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: General, Human Resources, International Students, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Dennis comes with a wealth of workforce experience in the Information Communication Technological (ICT) field before he did a double career switch to career coaching and counselling. He has been working for the Public Service of Singapore after the switch, serving the nation to help adult job seekers find meaning and direction in their career development. Dennis holds the Singapore's national coaching credentials in Certified Career Clinical Supervisor and Certified Career Practitioner. He holds a Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University and is an Advanced Practitioner in Hope Action  Theory and Practice. Other credentials include Strong Interest Inventory Certified and a Job & Career Transition Certified Coach. Lastly, he is a Certified Facilitator for My Working Title Career Design. He is passionate about helping the workforce find meaning in their work and to rekindle their passion. He looks forward to contributing in the coaching profession too. He conducts coaching and certification workshops on top of the executive topics from Personal Branding to Job Search Strategies.

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Ella ChanDr. Ella Chan

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, DipEd, MA, EdD, ACounS, FHKPCA
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education
Dr. Ella Chan is the Director of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her Diploma of Education, Master of Education degree and Doctor of Education degree from the The Chinese University of Hong Kong and continued her counselling training in Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto while serving at the North York Board of Education in Canada. Her field of expertise and research interest includes psychological counselling, career education and counselling, and teacher education. She has traversed a variety of roles as teacher, teacher trainer, counseling psychologist, and education-administrator. Besides her successive directorships with two major providers for continuing education in Hong Kong, Dr. Chan is a Fellow, an Approved Supervisor and Certified Counsellor of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. She also serves as Board Chair and member of secondary schools and seminary.

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Jeffrey Wai Meng ChanJeffrey Chan Wai Meng

Credentials: CCSCC, GCDF
Area of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Ed, K-12, Private Practitioners
Dr Jeffrey Chan is the Senior Assistant Director, Education and Career Guidance and a Master Specialist at the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore. In this capacity, he contributes to policy formulation and implementation, resource and professional development of educators and career practitioners, to strengthen education and career guidance for students in secondary and post-secondary levels. Prior to his current role, he has held several positions in the educational field, notably serving as Director of Pupil Development at Raffles Institution and Head of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) at MOE, amongst many other distinctions in the field. Jeffrey holds a Master of Education in School Counseling and Guidance Services from the Penn State University, and a Doctorate in Education (Psychology and Child & Human Development) from Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education. Jeffrey first introduced NCDA’s FCD curriculum to his colleagues, with the first 10 being trained in 2012. He started to teach the FCD curriculum since 2015. As an Associate Faculty teaching Masters-level courses in Career Development, Vocational Assessment and Counselling at the National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technology University and the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Jeffrey has incorporated the FCD for credit in the masters program. Jeffrey remains active in career development in various roles as instructor, researcher, counselor, coach, mentor, and clinical supervisor. For his contribution in the field of career counseling and continual involvement in his future work. he was awarded the 2015 inaugural Asia Pacific Career Development Association Emerging Leader Scholarship.

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Krim ChanKrim Chan Photo

Credentials: CCSP, MBTI Step I & II, Certified Practitioner, MA, MSc
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Human Resources, Private Practitioners
Krim has worked in the government, the commercial field and three International NGOs, possessing more than 25 years of management experience in PR, Marketing Promotions and Strategies. She is accredited as a CCSP and Facilitating Career Development Instructor in 2020. She is dedicated in providing professional and practical career exploration and career transition coaching to private individuals, and becoming an insightful trainer of FCD courses.

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Mabel P. ChanFcd Bio

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MA, MBA
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education
Mabel Chan is a psychological/career counselor and trainer. She received her Master in Business Administration degree from Boston University, USA and Master of Arts in Counseling degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her earlier career has traversed a diversity of Product-Sales roles with Fortune 500 banking and high tech corporations in Hong Kong, Taipei and New York City. In recent years, she has been actively involved in providing career facilitation and counseling to high school teachers and students, university students and mid-career professionals. She has also earned her reputation as an effective trainer through teaching key modules in the Hong Kong GCDF Program and FCD Instructor Program. In addition, she has also conducted career workshops as well as workshops on communication skills and advanced customer service skills.

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Winnie ChuWinnie Chu

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MBA, MSc Applied Psychology
Areas of Expertise: Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Seasoned People Development professional with ample experience in global organizations and Passionate Career Development facilitator.

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Winston ChueWinston Headshot 4 Edited

Credentials: CMCS, GCDF, PCC (ICF)
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Winston is a professional and experienced executive coach and life-longer learning advocate with over a decade of experience - in coaching, consultancy, training and program development on employment and employability for professionals, executives, skilled and less skilled adults. He has more than a decade of working experience in the space of career development and coaching; in both the government and the country's largest union.

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Nedrea Y. ClaytonNedrea Clayton

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Board Certified Coach
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry and Human Resources
Broad HR and specialized OD experience drive my strategic and tactical problem-solving approaches. I ask probing questions to see what a successful outcome looks like on the front-end before designing and implementing solutions that balance human capability and business objectives. Whether leading my team or coaching my peers, the focus is on building relationships by "doing the right thing" and addressing difficult issues. My colleagues trust me with their concerns and rely on my good judgment to guide them through challenging situations. Although multiple points of view are considered to understand organizational development opportunities, my HR and OD lenses bring clarity to address them.

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LeeDel Cohenour

Credentials: GCDF, MBTI, True Colors
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, Higher Education, Military/Vets
LeeDel Cohenour is the Director of Advising at the Community College of Aurora. LeeDel received her master's degree in Education from the University of Colorado at Denver. She has taught Career Development Coaching courses for the Department of Labor for over 23 years. Most recently, she was the Director of Career Services and now oversees Academic Advising and Career Services at the Community College. LeeDel has a passion for helping individuals identify and achieve their career goals. She is a member of the National Association of Academic Advisors, National Association of Student Affairs Professionals, and is a GCDF, True Colors and MBTI certified.

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Jonathan ConstableJonathan Constable

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education
Jonathan is committed to developing and delivering programs and services that support the unique career development needs of students at U.S. colleges and universities. He is equally committed to empowering other student affairs professionals and higher education practitioners to do the same. Jonathan's knowledge of post-secondary career services is informed by his experience as a university-level instructor, career advisor, and employer relations manager. It is also influenced by his experience as an Educational Leadership and Policy doctoral student at the University of New Hampshire, where he studies career education and career services at U.S. colleges and universities. Jonathan holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education from Northeastern University. He is a CCSP, GCDF Instructor and Social Justice Educator.

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Tracy CorriganTracy Corrigan Photo

Credentials: GCDF, Gallup Strengths Educator and Facilitator
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Private Practitioners
Tracy Corrigan has 10+ years experience coaching students and professionals in career and life design in two-year and four-year academic settings. She excels in areas of program, workshop, and career curriculum development and execution; training and development of career coaches, graduate students, and student-peer coaches; and development meaningful relationships with students, faculty, and various stakeholders interested in developing talent pipelines. She has worked with students from a wide-array of programs and majors. She also brings with her 10+ years professional, entrepreneurial experience gained in the small business development, communications and marketing, and web design and consulting sectors.

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Kim Coulthurst

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Kim Coulthurst is a founding partner of Pathways Consultants, located in Oakland, CA. Formed in 2005, Pathways Consultants is dedicated to helping organizations become high performing, responsive to change, and rooted in a commitment to continuous improvement. We are in service to and partner with communities who have historically been excluded from or are on the periphery of the most fundamental economic opportunities. Our team is fueled by a vision in which all people have full access to and participation in the institutions and centers of power that drive the economy and which feed our families, communities and hearts. Our work is asset-based and grounded in Youth Development theory and practice. Pathways Consultants works at the intersection of organizational, human and program development; recognizing that all are essential for a high performing organization. Our team has a demonstrated track record of working with service providers to launch and expand programs, increase enrollments, heighten efficiency and greatly increase outcome measures. Ultimately our efforts are measured by the impact that the agencies we serve have on their communities: moving more people out of poverty; engaging more youth in higher education; and increasing youth engagement and action in their community. Over the last 27 years, Kim Coulthurst has run a wide range of Youth Workforce Development programs: a city-wide environmental education and beautification program; a federally-funded, subsidized employment program; a youth-run employment screening and referral program; two AmeriCorps programs; and a Youth Enterprise Incubator where youth started and ran their own enterprises including a youth nightclub, licensed preschool, recording studio, mural projects, multimedia arts studio, and more! Kim’s passion for training and coaching adults is fueled by her commitment to fostering communities in which all young people have access to the same opportunities and resources.

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Gwen CroskeyGwen China Croskey

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Gwen is a Regional Career Specialist for the Santee Lynches Region (Clarendon, Lee, Kershaw, and Sumter counties located in South Carolina). She serves as liaison between South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Career and Technology Education (CATE), and the region’s school districts to ensure coordination, accountability, and delivery of career guidance and work-based learning initiatives are as outlined in Perkins and EEDA Legislation. Gwen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Dual Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management and Information Technology. Gwen have more than 10 years of experience teaching in the School of Business at Central Carolina Technical College and taught Computer Sciences and Human Resources at Morris College. Gwen’s passion is about helping others find their passion by connecting them with networking opportunities, job transition resources, and helping individuals start new chapters in their lives. It is my goal to help you with your career development success; because I Kare-4-U!

Mark DanaherMark Danaher 2020

Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, K-12, Workforce Development, Private Practitioners
Have you been hoping to improve your career knowledge and skills?? Are you afraid of stepping out your comfort zone? Is time precious and you can’t travel and spend full days of face-to-face training to get your certificate in career development? Do you want to take the FCD course with someone who has been in the Career Development Field for 20+ years at all levels from high school and college to running his own career coaching business and is involved in the National Career Development Association? Are you looking to make that next career move and need professional training and skills to help you in the process? If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, I’m the one to help you to enhance or start your new career life. I was President of the National Career Development Association in 2014-2015 and I am an NCDA Master Trainer and Instructor. I am the creator of the online version of the FCD course for NCDA. I have taught hundreds of people from a variety of different backgrounds including K-12, higher education, human resources, workforce development, corporate trainers, and private practice to name a few settings. My goal is to make sure that your time in the FCD course is worthwhile that you can build your toolbox with a variety of exercises, insights, and tools to use in your specific population and beyond. If you have any questions, please call me to ease your fears! My goal is your career development success!

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Carolyn Davis

Credentials: GCDF, Certified Career Advisor
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, K12, Higher Education, Workforce Development, Human Resources, International Students, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners
Dr. Carolyn Davis has over 25 years of progressive experience in career and employment
development, human resources, social work, workforce initiatives, education, and administration. Carolyn also serves as a consultant for institutes seeking to integrate career advising with academic advising. As a published author, Carolyn holds a doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership and Administration, master's degree in Public Administration, and bachelor's in Sociology. Carolyn's top five strengths are: Strategic, Achiever, Developer, Ideation, and Belief. As a practitioner of Career Development and Planning, Carolyn brings a myriad of experiences in career services that spans across government, private sector, K-12, higher education, workforce, and non-profit structures. As such, she is able to ignite the curriculum across all ares of expertise. Carolyn has traveled extensively within the United States and abroad. She has lived and worked in several U.S. cities that afforded additional experiences working with diverse groups, industries, businesses, individuals with limited abilities, veterans, and people with legal barriers.

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Hanna DeBruhl

Credentials: CMCS, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, K-12
GCDF with 10 years of experience in Career Coaching. Master's in Higher Education Administration I recently recieved my Certified Master of Career Services credential. I have worked with all age groups from middle school to adults. Career Development is my passion. I enjoy writing and speaking about careers to share my knowledge with others. Becoming an instructor has opened doors for me and allowed me many opportunities to grow and learn.

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Wendy DeCesareWDeCesare

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
DeCesare is the California Area Manager with Hire Heroes USA where she leads a team of Career Coaches shaping successful employment outcomes for veterans and military spouses. Her tenure with the organization began in 2018 and she has worked in the career development space for over 5 years, guiding service delivery impacting more than 3,000 veterans and military spouses. Ms DeCesare’s career has spanned the corporate, government contracting and nonprofit industries always with a focus on program development, partnership management, and building teams to maximize impact. She has a passion for understanding business needs, assessing individual strengths, and assisting in strategy development and professional branding to support career and organizational growth. Her background includes public speaking, developing curriculum and facilitating career development courses and workshops for diverse audiences in person and virtually.

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Rebecca Dedmondrdedmond

Credentials: CSCDA, CCCE, LPC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, International Students, K-12
Having been in the field of counseling and career development, working with educators and youth, and preparing youth and young adults for transitions throughout the adolescent and youth life stages, Rebecca's work in career services was strengthened when she completed an early Facilitating Career Development course. Adding the Instructor qualification prepared her to work with individuals and with groups in education, the World Bank, workforce development, and private practice. Classes and one-to-one instruction has been in China, Japan, Guam, Ghana in West Africa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and throughout the United States. A small group, personalized format that takes clients where they are, then builds on strengths and expertise is the preferred format, in either group or one to one sessions. In addition, she engages completers of the FCD to share and review, as appropriate, current student work, thus building a network of facilitators. Building on these experiences, Rebecca is able to build meaningful networks of participants for maximum benefit and learning in today's global workplace. Final projects are meaningfully constructed and have the potential to launch new jobs for Rebecca's students. She welcomes a discussion of individual and/or group aspirations and how these can best be met.

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Rebecca DhanarineRebecca Headshot

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Workforce Development
Rebecca has extensive experience with administration, mentoring, and networking. Having held positions in different business fields and nonprofit organizations, Rebecca is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various students. She has increased efficiency in a number of her roles and is very effective at teaching youth and young adults. She has worked to develop new programs as well as planned many events. Rebecca is very involved with her community, having served on numerous boards and organizations. Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management in 2008 before going on to receive her M.B.A. in 2010, both from Anderson University.

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Tressa DorseyTd

Credentials: CCPS, GCDF, Certified Business Services Consultant (CBSC)
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, General, Workforce Development
Tressa Dorsey has 20 years of comprehensive experience working with a multitude of workforce organizations, their boards and practitioners. She specializes in providing professional development training, grant writing and technical assistance to non-profit, tribal, local and federal organizations. She holds multiple certifications in workforce and career development positioning her to provide innovative training solutions at multiple organizational levels. In addition, Dorsey's commitment to the recognition and improvement of the Workforce System is demonstrated through her service as the Region 9 Director on the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Board. Dorsey started TAD Grants in 2008 and has gone on to the develop a team of professional consultants across the country to improve Workforce Development Programs and Systems as well as the quality and quantity of participant services offered across the U.S.

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Kate DuttroKate Duttro

Credentials: MBTI, SII, Master Trainer in DSAP, Doctor of Education in Anthropology
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Ed, Private Practitioners
I want to show participants the incredible variety of career theories, concepts, techniques and resources that can be used in actual practice. My course is informed by my own earlier, mixed career experiences (see Chaos Theory) and my later reflections on the field (see Dependable Strengths and Constructivism). I want to give participant a load of information and resources to apply to their own careers, and to let them share experiences/reflections with fellow participants to better prepare them for current realities. My own varied work experiences continued after my D.Ed. in anthropology (1978) and a year of assistant professoring, book-ended by contract archaeology and sheep farming. I cobbled together a series of “slash” careers (Thanks, Marci Alboher), largely based on my native strengths, but I didn’t discover that until I met Bernard Haldane and his Dependable Strengths Articulation Program (DSAP) in 1996. Simultaneously, I took a 1-year Professional Career Services Program (later GCDF) at the University of Washington (UW). Then I began 10+-years in Career Services at UW, helping others discover what had eluded me for so long. Since 1996, I’ve taken every career-based training I could find/afford - GCDFI, SII, MBTI, DSAP Master Trainer, Dick Bolles’ 2-week Parachute, many career conferences/PDIs, etc. After “retiring” from UW, I continued my education with coaching and positive psychology courses. My private practice with “recovering academics” now focuses on writing, teaching and online course development. Leading the FCD is a return on the many benefits I’ve gained from a fascinating and meaningful career.

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Malka EdelmanMalka Headshot

Credentials: CCSP, CCC, National Certified Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor-NY
Area of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners
Malka Edelman - President of Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc., has had a tremendous and positive impact on Career Development Services for over 35 years. For much of this time, she has trained others to enthusiastically embrace our field. She nurtures each of her trainees to develop his/her own careers while providing this training. Malka was one of the first to be trained as an Instructor in 1996 and MT in 1998. . She has trained Career Service Providers throughout the US and globally, from all professions. Malka has done considerable work throughout the Gulf Region and China. She's been privileged to train CSPs in Central and South America as well. She's been particular excited to have worked with so many trainees in Higher Education, K-12, Counselors and Internationally.

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Pamela EhlersPam Ehlers

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Ed, Business & Industry
Dr. Pamela Ehlers is the Director of Career Services at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. She completed both her bachelors and masters degrees from Oklahoma State University (OSU), Stillwater, a counseling specialist degree from Pittsburg State University in Kansas, and a doctorate degree in higher educational leadership from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Pam has worked in the field of career development, counseling, and career services for over 30 years. She began her journey as a career counselor at Cottey College in Missouri, and then served as a job developer before becoming the director for 13 years at Pittsburg State University. Pam moved back to her alma mater (OSU) as the director of a large centralized career services organization in 2006. She has been an FCD instructor since 2011.

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Aya EldighadyOd7o O Ii Daya El Dighady1

Credentials: GCDF, CBT
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Aya ElDighady has built an extensive experience in the career development field by studying and practicing for more than nine years since she got her GCDF in 2012. Aya has always believed in the importance of career development in improving the quality of people's lives not only their careers, and this is what drove her to work on spreading the awareness of this field all over Egypt and the Middle East. She has provided more than 4000 hours of career services to individuals in Egypt and the Middle East. In addition she has worked with many regional and international organizations on career development projects such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Tahrir Lounge and GIZ. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Department, from Alexandria University along with certifications in Assessment for Learning, Instructional Design, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Aliaa M. El-DarderyAliaa

Credentials: GCDF, ACC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Aliaa is a seasoned Learning & Development Professional, Career Development Coach, FCD Instructor, and ICF Associate Certified Coach, who is passionate about optimizing the careers of individuals’ careers and organizations competence. Since 2011, through her professional accreditation as a GCDF, Job & Career Development Coach (JCDC from the Network & Career Research & Testing Inc. USA), and a Business Competence Master Trainer, she has spent more than five thousand hours coaching and training adults (professionals & students), to make information-based career decisions, and perform better at workplace. Her business expertise in Strategic Planning, Leadership, Training, Career & Life Coaching and Counseling, International Business Administration, & Management has augmented her skills in training, coaching and counseling, especially in business-related decisions of business professionals and different-size companies.

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Aya El Horr El MirAya El Horr El Mir

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners
Aya El Horr El Mir is the Director of Student Services at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. She has 17 years of experience in Student Affairs and Career Development and an extensive background in planning and implementing career development related projects and workshops. She is an FCD Instructor, a Career Certified Life & Career Coach, and a Certified Resume Writer. She is also certified in use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory. El Mir is currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Business Administration Program at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France and her dissertation topic is the “Impact of Transformational Leadership on Gender Equality”. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from West Virginia University, USA and a Bachelor Degree in Business Finance from the Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.

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Maha El MoslemanyMm

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education
Helping Millennials and GenZ's become the best version of their professional selves, is Maha El Moslemany's purposeful passion. Maha's current scope of work focuses on building strategic employer relations and corporate partnerships, planning and executing university-wide employer branding campaigns and developing tailored recruitment solutions along with guiding alumni and recent grads in their job search process. He graduated from The American University in Cairo in Journalism and Mass Communication and a double minor in Psychology and business Administration. She has consciously decided to to shift her career path from advertising to career education since 2006 and is highly passionate about coaching, training and enhancing Millennial and GenZ's career preparation tool-kit.

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Andrew ErAndrew Er

Credentials: CCSP, CCSCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Human Resources, Workforce Development
Andrew’s personal mission is to empower and equip others with career development skills through training and clinical supervision. Currently living his mission as a Facilitating Career Development Instructor and Career Practitioner Supervision Instructor, he is passionate about providing personalised career development training and clinical supervision. Andrew is an Award-Winning Career Coach and has more than 10 years of career development experience with a wide spectrum of individuals in a multicultural setting. He has worked with more than 2,000 individuals, supporting and partnering them in their journey towards achieving their career goals. He is a proactive enthusiast when it comes to empowering others to develop their career. Andrew’s passion in career development extends beyond the individuals that he works with. He has also successfully designed and delivered career development programmes. He holds a Master of Counselling and continues to pursue new learning platforms to further expand and develop his career development skills. Andrew is also a Consultant and Associate Faculty for career counselling and life coaching at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. He is passionate about providing personalised training through Facilitating Career Development and Career Practitioner Supervision.

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Judy EttingerJudy Ettinger

Credentials: GCDF, CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Dr. Judy Ettinger has worked at the University of Wisconsin. She completed both her Ph.D. and M.S. in Counseling at UW-Madison. Her particular area of interest is career development and career counseling. Judy has been teaching this course since the mid-1990's and has taught the course through the Counseling Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin. She has also taught at the University of Florida, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Normandale Community College in Minnesota, Johnson County Community College in Kansas, and has provided extensive training on career decision-making for workforce development staff in SE Minnesota, Veterans in Wisconsin, and educators in Vermont.

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Amanda FloraAmanda Flora

Credentials: GCDF, NCC
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, K-12, Private Practice
Dr. Flora received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from UVA in 2008 and has returned there as an Assistant Professor. She has taught Masters-level career courses at traditional and online universities and has created additional career and professional development courses. With a background in community counseling and experience working with opportunity youth, she transferred her passions to career counseling as a doctoral student realizing how career impacts every individual and career goals foster hope and motivation. In addition to teaching, Dr. Flora has worked as a career development consultant with business students, individual clients, and local schools and agencies.

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Kristen GarceauKristen Image

Area of Expertise: Educators, Higher Ed, K-12, Workforce Development
I have facilitated the Career Development Facilitator training course for the National Career Development Association since 2010. I am also known for practical approaches to career development working with workforce development clients, business partners, educators and K-16 students. I have discovered many ways to help all clients understand the career-development process and the employer’s perspective. My projects have included extensive development of career resources and materials for clients at Capital Area Michigan Works!, and a UAW/General Motors Partnership. Working to understand how to teach the process of self and option awareness linked with decision making and setting goals, I have coordinated career programming with educational organizations including Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency, Genesee Intermediate School District, the Ingham Intermediate School District. I am a Certified Career Services Provider. I have been an instructor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College teaching Career Decisions, First Year Experience and College Success Strategies courses, I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction.

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Amanda GerrieAmanda Gerrie 20180820 012 Bw

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Amanda Gerrie is a Certified Career Development Facilitator, Life Purpose Coach, and Graphic Facilitator. She has over 24 years of experience working in human services providing leadership development, coaching, supervision, program design, and training. Amanda has been a consultant since 2007 professional development, program design, technical assistance, and facilitation to government and nonprofits on effective program development and administration, especially in the areas of education, workforce development, and youth workforce development. In addition to training, she has facilitated staff retreats, strategy planning sessions, and partnership convenings. She also works with individuals and trains and facilitates groups in areas relating to career development, life-­‐‑work balance, and personal fulfillment. She has a private practice as a career coach called Pathways Career Consulting and has been in practice since 2004.

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Meg GerryMeg Gerry

Register for Course Here


Areas of Expertise: Higher Education, Career Center Directors & Staff, Academic Advisors, Counselors, Private Practice, Human Resources, Educators, Business/Industry, Workforce Development, College Counseling, anyone interested in becoming an exceptional Career Services Provider
Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Certified College Counselor, Master's in Academic Advising
Meg offers a wealth of experience from a successful private practice, to working in career services in higher ed, to a history of working in H.R. Meg also co-hosted a  podcast called “All Things College & Career” which won an award for top Career Podcast in 2021. As the owner of Academic & Career Advising, Meg provides career coaching and academic advising services both locally in Kennebunk, Maine, and nationally. Meg was also a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maryland Global Campus where she instructed courses in Career Planning Management and Program and Career Exploration and is currently instructing an in-person course at the University of New England in Citizenship.  Meg is also a keynote speaker and has been featured on highly ranked podcasts such as Mac Prichard’s Find Your Dream Job where she spoke on “Narrowing Your Career Choices” or clarifying career goals. Meg has trained hundreds in higher ed across the U.S. and beyond that work in career services and in academic advising. Prior to entering career services, Meg worked in health care management/ H.R. Meg welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of career development, successful job seeking strategies and career services.

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Jackie GillJackie Gill

Credentials: MA, Counseling and Career Development, Certified Transformational Life Coach
Area of Expertise: Counselor, Educators, Higher Ed, K12, Workforce Development

Jackie Gill is currently Counseling Faculty at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL, and has been an NCDA FCD Trainer since 2011.She has over 18 years’ experience working in student services and career development, including working in high schools in Michigan, and in higher education at Pima Community College, University of Arizona and in the Maricopa Community College District in Arizona. She has her M.A. in Counseling with a post-graduate certification in Career Development. Jackie has taught career exploration courses to middle school students through adults, and has worked with dislocated workers in the One-Stop Centers throughout the Greater Phoenix area. Her professional association memberships include the National, Arizona and Florida Career Development Associations. Jackie has dedicated her professional career to helping people achieve their career goals through career exploration, job searching, networking, resume enhancement and career transition. She believes the skills required for successful job searching are the most important skills one can learn because they are utilized continuously throughout a person's lifetime.

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Sharon GivensSharon Givens

Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice
Dr. Sharon Givens is a multifaceted professional, serving as a researcher, licensed psychotherapist, career counselor, professional trainer, and academician. She is the CEO and Director of Visions Counseling and Career Center, LLC (VCCC), a leading private practice in Charlotte, NC, and Columbia, SC, that offers career counseling, coaching, mental health counseling, and psychological testing. Additionally, Sharon is the sole proprietor of Training Visions, an international firm specializing in customized training in career development, diversity, and mentoring. 
As a Master Trainer with the National Career Development Association, Sharon is renowned for her work on global and domestic projects. She has developed training curricula and facilitated programs for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, school districts, and higher education institutions in Singapore, West Africa, Saudi Arabia, and across the United States. Sharon has also served on the NCDA Board of Directors, including a term as President from 2021-2022 and the Trustee for Private Practice, Business/Industry & Agencies constituency. She was also the chairperson of the NCDA's Training and Education Council. During her tenure, she contributed significantly to the Facilitating Career Development program and other NCDA initiatives. Sharon's contribution to the career development field began with the creation of college and career readiness centers in rural public schools. She expanded her work which led to her role as a counselor educator, teaching career development courses to pre-service counselors. Today, she continues to provide career development support to higher education institutions, corporations and individual clients.

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Emily GomezEmily Gomez FCD Instructor

Credentials: CCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Higher Education, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners
Emily Gomez, MS, GCDF, CCC is certified in the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, and as a Federal Job Coach. She brings more than 10 years of experience in both Higher Education and Non-Profit/Agency settings. Prior to obtaining her FCD Instructor designation, she taught career development courses in person and virtually, meeting clients where they were (literally!). Since 2016, she has also worked with a national non-profit, Hire Heroes USA, overseeing a program the supports federal job seekers. An active member of NCDA and the North Carolina Career Development Association, Emily enjoys presenting at the National Conference and is a Leadership Academy cohort member. She earned her Masters in Counseling, specializing in Career Counseling from California State University, Sacramento.

Marcela Mesa GuerreroMarcela Mesa

Credentials: GCDF, Psychologist, Gestalt Therapy, Human Talent Management
Areas of Expertise: Human Resources, K12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Trilingual career practitioner (Spanish-English-German) with over 30 years of professional experience in Education and Human Resources, 25 of them dedicated to deliver career services at Orientarte (private practice) and Fundación Arbol Vital (NGO), helping over 16.000 people to make good career decisions. Pioneer in the Career Development field in Colombia (South America), she was the first certified Global Career Development Facilitator in her home country. Broad expertise in the design and implementation of web based Career Assessments, constantly innovating in her field. One of her passions is working with underserved students and accompany them to grow into a more prosperous life. Now it is time to give back and train future generations of career services providers, especially in Latin America.

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Maha A. GuindiMaha Guindi

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MBTI and SII Facilitator
Areas of Expertise: Higher Education, Workforce Development
Maha is the founding director of the American University in Cairo's (AUC) Career Center, where she has led the development and implementation of comprehensive career guidance programs since the early 90's that include career advising, experiential learning, recruitment and employer engagement. She currently serves as the associate vide president for advancement and employability at AUC and the principal investigator from the USAID funded university centers for career development (UCCD) project that aims at establishing career development centers at Egyptian public universities.

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Karen GutmanKaren E. Gutman

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Karen Gutman served as the Director of Business and Career Services at JVS Human Services (now Gesher Human Services), a nonprofit dedicated to helping people realize their life's potential. She joined JVS in 2009 as an Employment Specialist, following a mid-life career change as a result of the career counseling she received as a client of JVS. Karen obtained her GCDF credential from Oakland University and obtained her Business Solutions Professional credential from Michigan State University, School of Labor and Industrial Relations. Karen has a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan and completed graduate courses in Business Management from the University of Michigan as well. She served as a teaching fellow in the College of Literature, Science and Arts. She has owned and operated two successful businesses, and also served as Vice President of Client Services and New Product implementation for a Michigan based life insurance company. Her love of working with job seekers and businesses to help both achieve their talent goals led her to become a Facilitating Career Development Instructor in 2018. She continues to teach FCD classes for Gesher Human Services and other organizations as contracted. Over 150 students have successfully completed her class.

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Cindy HaeckCindy Haeck NCC LCMHC CCC

Credentials: CCC, LCMHC (NC), LPC (MI), NCC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, General, Higher Education, Private Practitioners
Greetings! Career planning and development is a lifelong process for each of us. Like a fingerprint, no two paths will be the same. Having worked with high school and college students, as well as adults in transition over the past decades, I'm keenly aware of the importance of supporting each client in developing their story - including their career path. The same is true when mentoring other career development professionals. I'm a graduate of NCSU Counseling Education program, completed the CDF-Instructor course in 2022 and am actively involved as a board member for North Carolina Career Development Association for the past several years. I am particularly interested in "transitions" - high school to college, college to the workforce and workforce to active retirement.

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Melyssa HarrisonMelyssa Harrison

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, GCDF, CWDP, FCD Master Trainer, SCDA Instructor, GCDF-I
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Empowering and Equipping Successful CSPs. Forerunners of Fast Track Training. Melyssa Harrison is one of two course instructors for Harrison & Associates East, LLC offering hands-on real-life applications needed for career success. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with others in their career advancement. Utilizing over 25 years of effective efficient career development experience, our students are fully equipped with the necessary tools to facilitate their customers’ career pathway. She established the only Youth Services Career Center in the state becoming the pilot for successful engaging youth career services. Her team became one of the state’s most productive in increasing job placements and earning credentials within its first year of operation. During her tenure the youth training program met and/or exceeded its annual performance each year. You will enjoy your learning experience with Harrison & Associates East. Experience the difference at Harrison & Associates East and earn your certifications with real world experiences, techniques, networking, and results proven strategies.

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Traci Head

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education
Dr. Traci Head is a highly experienced higher education leader and career development practitioner. Dr. Head earned her doctorate in educational administration from The University of Texas at Austin and master’s in counseling from West Texas A&M. She served as a director and assistant director, leading career development programs in both community college and university settings.

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Randa HelmiRanda Helmi

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, JCDC, JCTC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners
A graduate of Business School class 1999 & started off my work journey through many industries. With more exposure to different business environments, the more gained experiences on both levels; humane & business. Industries such as hospitality, manufacturing & banking were main fields of work along Randas first 14 years of experience. Banking is occupying many years of my track where I climbed the occupational ladder reaching AVP, embedding strategic visions & innovative ideas into business benefits. In field of Career Development & guidance by Year 2013. Now among the ‘Global Connections Committee’, functioning & representing Arabs & their passion for life & profession development.

Emad M. HelmyEmad M. Helmy

Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners
M.A. in International Education Management, University of Education Ludwigsburg, Germany and Helwan University, Egypt. Emad has excellent expertise in education-to-employment transition services; Career guidance and counseling/career development; TVET & Labour Market and Curriculum development. Emad is known by his excellent interpersonal skills and the interdisciplinary thinking. His facilitating skills are amazing in addition to the fact that he is an excellent trainer. He has worked in multicultural settings, his services are provided not only in Egypt, but in Jordan, Palestine, Yemen and also in Kosovo and Servia. His working language is Arabic and English. His services can be provided in a face-to-face setting or online or hybrid.

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Kathleen Elizabeth HighKathleen E High

Credentials: CCSP, MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory Certified Administrator
Areas of Expertise: General, Higher Ed, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Kathleen High is an experienced community college educator and career counselor and professor. She has worked for community colleges and public and private universities in various roles since 1997. Prior to that, she held a variety of administrative roles in the corporate sector. She is also a private practice consultant and has volunteer experience supporting the unemployed through conducting workshops in local workforce development American Jobs Centers, and leading a support group for the unemployed in a faith-based community. She holds a Master's in Education, College Student Affairs, BS in Communications, Publications Relations and graduate work in school counseling and theology. Through her over 20 years of experience, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and created many written resources designed to facilitate an individual's education and career development journey.

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Phoenix HoPhoenix Ho

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Private Practitioners
Raised by traditional Vietnamese parents and influenced by mentors in Silicon Valley, California, USA, Phoenix Ho has trained herself to become bilingual and bicultural in Vietnamese and American culture. Over sixteen years of experience in the field of education, counseling, career counseling, and career education. Skills include entrepreneurship, career services leadership and management, national and international professional community development, train-the-trainer facilitating, career counseling, career program teaching, curriculum development, career program management, MBA course lecturing, parenting workshop facilitating, community radio show hosting, substance abuse prevention, data collection, and analysis, interviewing and writing, theatre art performing, classroom management, and others. Recognized by trainees, parents, students, clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders as a lifelong learner, courageous leader, passionate counselor, effective team player, and community change agent. Phoenix completed her Bachelor of International Business in the US, Master of Educational Leadership and Management from Australia, and Master of Career Development Counseling from the US.

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Lorraine HolemanLorraine Holeman Photo

Credentials: GCDF, LPC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, K-12, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners, 
Lorraine offers a unique combination of qualifications to teach the FCD Course to a variety of professionals. An Army veteran, a seasoned K-12 School Counselor, and a Licensed Professional Counselor, she brings valuable perspectives to the FCD course and can offer first-hand experience to all levels of helping professionals in these fields. Lorraine has worked in public education for 10 years in Greenville, SC, serving students in middle and high schools as they plan for post-secondary opportunities. She has direct experience working in workforce development during her service as the Regional Career Specialist for Greenville County Schools, developing career exploration programs and promoting work-based learning for the largest school district in South Carolina. Additionally, Lorraine serves the Greenville community as a mental health therapist in private practice. She has a passion for helping veterans, college students, and young adults discover their individual career talents resulting in successful transition into meaningful employment.

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Basma Hosny

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors
Basma Hosny has 20 plus years of professional experience in the field of education, working in areas of management, training, human resources and career advising. She represented ASIS (Anglo Schools International Services) in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East promoting all ASIS products and services from university placement, BUSSATs assessments and student consultations 2018-2019. She graduated from the American University in Cairo in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in mass communication and a minor in psychology. In 2001, Hosny earned her master's degree in education management from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

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Timothy K. HsiPicture - Dr Timothy Hsi

Credentials: GCDF, Ed.D., JCTC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, International Students, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Dr. Hsi has been a psychotherapist for over 2 decades, coupled with over 12 years of training experience for adults and youths. He is the Founder and Principal of Abundanz Consulting Pte Ltd in Singapore and is the Master Instructor for Knowdell’s Job and Career Transition Coach certification workshops. He is also a NCDA Instructor for the Facilitating Career Development programme. Currently he teaches counselling courses at diploma to master levels at the Australian College for Applied Psychology and James Cook University; and various career development programmes in Singapore. Dr. Hsi was recently awarded the Outstanding Career Educator Award at the 2018 Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) conference and the Emerging Leader Award the year before. In addition, he has certifications as: EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Institute, USA); Registered Counselling Supervisor (Singapore Association for Counselling); Level 4 member (Australian Counselling Association); ACTA certified Adult Educator (Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore); Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner (Australasian Institute of NLP); Certified Behavioural Consultant (Institute of Motivational Living Inc, USA).

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Ronda Isaacs

Ronda Isaacsronda.isaacs@tccd.edu
Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources
Ronda Isaacs has always enjoyed helping others discover their why! She enjoys helping people explore their natural talents and incorporating them into a career as that results in a fulfillment money can't buy. She has worked in Higher Ed since 2008 and insists that working with students keeps her young. She enjoys Hallmark movies and True Crime, spending time with her family and is a dog-mom to two adorable Shih Tzu's.

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Sara E. JaySara Gould

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Sara is a communicator, leader, creator, and trainer with 7+ years of experience in higher education, training and development, and career services. She currently is a Senior Assistant Director at the University of Florida's nationally ranked Career Connections Center where she also teaches the NCDA Facilitating Career Development course to faculty and staff on campus. She co-owns a private career consulting business, Career Productions, and is a Certified Master of Career Services who focuses on helping individuals identify their strengths, value-add, and interests. She is energized and motivated by working with individuals to articulate their potential and confidently achieve their career goals. Sara's FCD training is customized to each individual/group learners needs.

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Carolyn JonesCarolyn D. Jones

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, Masters Education Psychology, MBTI Certificate
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Private Practitioners
Carolyn Jones is the President Elect-Elect of NCDA. She has a Master's degree in Education Psychology, is an adept MBTI practitioner and has earned the CCSP and CMCS. In her private practice she is the President/CEO of CDJ Consulting, LLC. She assists her clients with career development strategies and life management. She is also a consultant for non-profit agencies, organizations and corporations on team building, talent acquisition, leadership, and resource development. Carolyn has an extensive professional background as a Career Center Executive Director responsible for career development services and experiential education programs. She served as the President of the Florida Career Development Association for two terms. She has also served as a chair and co-chair of the NCDA Ethics Committee and as a member of the Awards Committee. She has authored and co-authored several articles in the Career Developments magazine.

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Franceska JonesClose Up Headshot

Credentials: GCDF, Ed.D.
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Dr. Franceska C. Jones is a dedicated lifelong professional educator and business owner that continually strives to influence growth and a love for learning. She holds a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership from Morgan State University along with a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Administration from John Carroll University. She attended The Ohio State University where she earned a B.S. in Business Administration. Dr. Jones is the President and Principal Consultant of Jones Consulting Firm LLC which specializes in the growth and sustainability of cities through supporting education, nonprofits, and the training of professionals. She has worked in career development for the last ten years and has served as the program director for TRIO Student Support Services, career coordinator  for students with disabilities, career success course instructor for multiple local colleges and universities, and career and internship fair coordinator for multiple colleges and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Jones consults many organizations on career development curricula and program design. She is a published author and researcher. Topics include alumni giving behaviors, higher education, first-generation college students, and college readiness and retention programs.

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Lisa Brown JordanLisa Jordan

Credentials: M.S., Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), CCSP, GCDF-I
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Human Resources, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Lisa holds an M.S. degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and has been passionate about providing workforce and career development and disability-related services to government, community-based organizations, and businesses for 20+ years. With expertise in curriculum design, project development and oversight, and public speaking, Lisa uses her knowledge to develop and deliver innovative training programs customized to the needs of her clients. Lisa is a Certified Global Career Development Facilitator-Instructor and was awarded the contract by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) to edit the 4th edition of the Facilitating Career Development curriculum, including developing five new training modules. Lisa is the Board Chair of the National Employment Network Association (NENA) and proudly served in the United States Navy during Operation Desert Storm.

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Ahmed Mostafa KamalAmk Photo

Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Ahmed is NCDA FCD master trainer with 34 years of working experience and he is rapidly becoming the career development leader and expert throughout the Middle East. He is the founder of Career Development in the MENA Region. He began the first career development project in Egypt funded by USAID in 2006. Then he extended his efforts to other countries in the region. Later he worked in other countries in Europe and Asia and worked in the USA and Canada. His main focus is enriching Arab individuals, teams, organizations, and even countries with the required knowledge, materials, tools, and experiences to benefit from a professional career development process—all translated and adapted for the Arab culture.

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Hiba Ramez KhayataHiba Khayata

Credential: CCSP, GCDF, ICF, Accredited Holistic Career and Life Coach
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Workforce Development
I bring over 13 years of experience, dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to realize their full potential. I have specialized in nonprofit business education organizations and higher education, focusing on developing comprehensive career and professional development programs, workshops, and resources. I have a proven track record of conducting impactful training sessions for career counselors, students, and industry professionals, as well as training trainers to ensure the sustainable transfer of knowledge. My expertise extends to assisting NGOs and Higher Education institutions in establishing new departments such as training and development, while also devising effective fundraising and engagement strategies for organizational growth. Currently serving as the Senior Manager of Career Services at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Previously, as Director of Program and Engagement at Arizona State University, I represented the university in the UAE and managed the development of the Young Thinkers Platform and the career assessment (me3) to help youth in the MENA prepare for a successful transition to the workforce. Additionally, I have contributed my expertise as a consultant with Emirates Nature (WWF), where I assisted in establishing their membership department. Furthermore, my tenure with INJAZ UAE (a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide) as Program Manager for over 6 years allowed me to make a significant impact in fostering entrepreneurship and career readiness among youth.

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Han Kok KwangHan Kok Kwang

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, GCDF, Certified Career Developer for People with Barriers (USA), Certified Professional Retirement Coach
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Han Kok Kwang is Founder of Personal Mastery Resources, a successful niche career training business based in Singapore. With over 25 years' successful experience as a senior manager & career entrepreneur, Han is the first NCDA Master Trainer in Asia for the NCDA Facilitating Career Development training program. Han is also a 3x national award winner. Though without a Bachelors' degree, he earned an MBA (with Distinction) from the University of Hull and a Ph.D. accredited by Varna Free University (Bulgaria). A firm believer in results, Han's passion in helping others is reflected in his many contributions. -empowered 60,000 people from 21 countries in their career development through his bestselling career books, seminars and workshops; -trained 100+ allied educators and staff from the Ministry of Education; -trained 350+ educators from a Polytechnic on career guidance; -certified Career Advisors in virtually all the local Autonomous Universities in Singapore; -empowered 1,000+ Officers in career transition from the Military & Police since 2005; -trained over 70% of the GCDFs in Singapore.

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Ambiga KrishnasamyAmbiga Ncda

Credentials: ACCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, International Students, K-12
Ambiga has been in the Ministry of Education, Education & Career Guidance Unit, Singapore for the past 4 years. She has been an ECG Counsellor where she provides higher education & career guidance counseling and conducts workshops for students (K-12). She trains lecturers on Basic Career Advising and designs programmes/curriculum alongside them. Currently she is providing career supervision for the ECG Counselors and managing the Career Centre. Ambiga holds a bachelors in Counselling and and was counselling ex offenders previously. Ambiga has successfully reintegrated many ex-offenders and one of their predominant indicators for their positive rehabilitation was their career. She has seen how informed career decisions have actualized the ex-offenders and makes them find a new meaning in their lives. In her free time, Ambiga fulfills her passion in performing arts & theater.

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Mark LamMark Lam Photo

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: business & Industry, Counselors, General, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Mark is an experience Career Coach with a demonstrated history of solid experience in providing career coaching and career development services to working adults in commercial, NGO and public sectors. Mark has over 20 years of experience working in Information Technology, eLearning and NGO sectors.

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Beth Crawford LengelBeth C. Lengel

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, CWDP
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Ed, K-12, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Beth Lengel has more than forty-five (45+) years of experience in career and workforce development spending her early career working in Vocational Rehabilitation services in North Carolina, Alabama, and South Carolina. Since 1989, she has been a chief partner in Lengel Vocational Services, Inc. providing career and workforce development services, training, and consultation for local areas in JTPA, WtW, WIA and WIOA. She is an Adjunct Instructor at Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC and at The College of Charleston, Charleston, SC where she offers the FCD course. Beth and her partners offer the FCD course all over the United States and has had many international students through the online forum.
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Ivy Liao

Credentials: CDP, CDA
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners
To promote internationally recognized professional standards, academic exchanges, and talent development in career development, NCDA joined hands with PAC to enter China in 2011. With a commitment to academic excellence and professionalism, PAC has been dedicated to the research and data analysis of psychological assessment tools for over 30 years. By integrating century-old refined career development theories and practical experience, along with internationally leading psychological assessments, academic conferences and exchanges, career development education, and training, we strive to explore transformative career education and growth pathways in the new era. PAC has established an internationally recognized four-level career development professional certification system (CDP, CDA, CDI, CDM) and a diverse platform for career education and counseling in the Greater China region, using Chinese as the primary language. Over the past twelve years, nearly ten thousand individuals have obtained various levels of PAC career development professional certifications.

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Travis W. Lightsey

Credentials: CMCS, GCDF, MS, ACC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, K-12, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Travis is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with over 13 years of experience in higher education and career development. Has led the Center for Major & Career Exploration at the University of Oklahoma for almost 9 years and currently serves as the Director of Career Services and Student Success at Rose State College. Impassioned educator with proven skills within program development, academic advising, career coaching, life coaching, curriculum development, career readiness, early workforce programming, classroom instruction, and comprehensive career readiness models. Passionate about helping others find their calling in life by helping them set realistic goals and assisting in discovering foundational self-knowledge. Travis earned his MS in Organizational Leadership and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA).

Yue-Wen LIMYue Wen Lim

Credentials: JCTC, ACCDF, ACTA
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Yue-Wen has almost three decades of senior management corporate experiences in multi-country and multi-cultural environments across a variety of industries. Apart from coaching mid-career switchers and senior management, Yue-Wen is also one of the primary instructors under the Workforce Agency (WSG) in Singapore for Career Coaching Certification programmes such as the Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation and the Career Advisory Programme. He has also trained others in gaining competencies in the Knowdell Cart Sorts and the Knowdell Career Transition framework. To date, he has certified almost 150 individuals attain proficiency in career coaching and advisory competencies, and has also conducted numerous workshops and seminars for various groups such as tertiary students and staff, university alumni, corporate clients and local government agencies, in fine tuning their career management techniques.

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Walt Lodes Jr.

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, General, Workforce Development
With over 25 years of experience in Workforce Development and over 10 years as an NCDA Master Trainer and Facilitating Career Development Instructor Walt has delivered presentations and instructions all over the United States. He has specialized in creating customized training options in a variety of workforce development, business and labor settings. He has also served as a consultant to numerous groups and organizations on matters of training and workforce development. He holds degrees from Grand Rapids Community College and Spring Arbor University, and several other training certifications including the Certified Business Solutions Professional (CBSP) from Michigan State University. He resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his family.

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Sheri MahaneySheri Mahaney Bio Picture

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, NCC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Higher Education, Private Practitioners
As a social worker and career counselor with 25+ years in higher education career services, I am passionate about training career development professionals to become masters of their craft through a better alignment of their strengths and natural talents with their coaching style. Throughout my career, I have always looked for opportunities to provide mentorship and professional development opportunities to my colleagues. Currently, as a private practitioner, my customized, small group FCD courses focus on helping students learn how to incorporate practical career theory applications and best practices into the way they naturally coach.

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Soad MahfouzSoad Mahfouz

Credentials: CMCS, CCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, International Students, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Soad is a self-motivated career development professional, with a passion for working with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds. Her career counseling approach tends to be holistic, addressing the academic, personal, and career aspects, and focuses on building relationships based on trust and support, so clients can feel comfortable to ask questions, explore their options, and discuss concerns or worries. Soad holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Literature and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University Maryland. She is Bilingual in English and Arabic (Egyptian dialect). She serves as an affiliate professor teaching a career development course and offers FCD training. Soad loves to work with diverse populations and industries and career paths. Her experience includes career counseling and career coaching within higher education, the non-profit sector, and workforce development.

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Farkad MahliFarkad Mahli Photo

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, CAT
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, International Students, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
A native Arabic, bilingual career coach speaker, with  very strong communication and presentation skills, builds relationships easily, and is committed to achieving results. Familiar with the culture of the client organization. Energetic learning and development specialist with 20+ years of experience in leading high-stake development programs in multinational organizations. Higher Education in the Middle East and the Gulf Countries, UAE, Qatar, KSA. Areas of expertise include soft skills, youth empowering, women building capacities, management development, including leadership, coaching, team leadership, team building, organizational change, project management, start ups, innovation and entrepreneurship, career development and employability, monitoring and evaluation. Farkad is a Chevening/OSI scholar, Certified Trainer, Premiere Urgencies, France. Certified Accelerated Learning Practitioner, UAE, Train of Trainers, UNICEF, Project Management Leadership Trainer, Syria. Nexplorer Certified Trainer, Shell, UK. Junior Achievement Worldwide Trainer, INJAZ UAE. Employability Consultant, Qatar Foundation, Silatech, Qatar and Prince Sultan, KSA and Higher Colleges of Technology Career Specialist, Dubai, UAE

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Vaughan MakDr. Vaughan Mak

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, MA, PhD
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education
Dr. Vaughan Mak is Associate Director of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies under The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Master of Arts in Christian Counselling degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA and Doctor of Philosophy (Education) degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Mak's career has traversed a variety of roles as teacher, trainer, counselor, and educator-administrator. He is an experienced facilitator in conducting workshops on various fields including Career Development and Facilitation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, etc. He also serves as Mentor for the Hong Kong Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre.

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Heather N. MaiettaHeather maietta 2024

Register for FCD at: www.careerinprogress.com/courses 
Credentials: BCC, CCSP, CMCS
Area of Expertise: Higher Ed, Educators, General, Business/Industry, Private Practice, Counselors, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Dr. Heather N. Maietta is the author of the highly anticipated NCDA monograph for career coaches: Career Coaching: Fundamental, Applications, and Future Directions, which can be found in the NCDA resource store. An award-winning career coach, educator, researcher, and author who has helped thousands of practitioners and career professionals rethink how they deliver career and professional development support. Dr. Maietta founded Career In Progress over 20 years ago to advance the field of career development and literacy. She is a Professor in the Doctorate of Higher Education Leadership Program at Regis College. Career Highlights include numerous credentials, NCDA Leadership Academy Graduate, and NCDA's Outstanding Career Practitioner Award. Dr. Maietta is currently working on research examining the social, academic, and the career impact of transfer due to college closure (forced transfer); career development needs of first-generation doctoral students; and generative AI and skills development. Dr. Maietta is a Board Certified Coach and a National Association of Colleges and Employers Coaching Faculty member.

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Rasha Moustafa MadkourRasha Madkour

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, ACC Certified Coach
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
& Team and culture transformation coach , with a pharmaceutical background and more than 20 years experience as sales manager & trainer in a multinational company. I have spent thousands of hours in coaching & training for junior and senior employees. And since 2021, I am coaching students as well for their career goals and inspiration. My diversified experience as leader, team manager, sales trainer, business and career coach augmented my coaching, training, counseling skills in business related decisions. I am dedicated and passionate to spread the professional career development practice through training and counseling sessions and support as well teams, students to achieve goals. I am In good command using personality assessments MBTI, Value, Skills assessments. 

Amber Manning-OuelletteLinkn Things 36

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, International Students
Dr. Amber Manning-Ouellette joined Oklahoma State University as an Assistant Professor in Higher Education and Student Affairs in 2018. She holds the Anderson, Farris, and Halligan Endowed Professor of College Student Development. She also serves as the master's program coordinator responsible for recruitment, selection, advising, and curriculum development for both the Master's in College Student Development programs. Her research folds into three broad lines of inquiry including: 1) socially just leadership education, 2) international and domestic college student learning and cognitive development, and 3) first-year student development and transition. Dr. Manning-Ouellette examines these research areas through various contexts including international education, STEM education, and gender perspectives. More specifically, her research has included women's leadership, studey abroad and sense-making, student learning outcomes in college, student learning and cognitive development, first-year student transition and retention assessment.

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Cindy MasonCindy D Mason

LinkedIn: Cindy Mason
Credentials: CCSP
Area of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Ed, K-12
Cindy Mason, CCSP, is a dedicated life-long professional career educator that continually strives to influence students and adults to dream, explore and become happy productive people. She holds an MSE in Education Leadership from Harding University and recently retired after thirty-one years as a public school educator. For eighteen years, she served as a Head Girls Basketball and Track Coach which included the Seventh Grade, Junior High and Senior High programs. Cindy is in her seventh year as Co-Owner/Co-Instructor of Knowledge Works where she is a Facilitating Career Development Instructor and also a Certified Career Services Provider. Knowledge Works has trained approximately 300 Career Development Facilitators from Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri and Hawaii. Cindy is a member of the National Career Development Association, Arkansas Career Development Association and the NCDA Instructor Registry. She has worked in Career Development for the last fifteen years and has served as the Career Action Plan Coordinator, Career Development/Career Ready 101 Online Teacher and Distance Learning Facilitator at her school. She is now working as an Adjunct Health and Wellness instructor for UA Cossatot. She received the Arkansas Career Guidance Teacher of the Year in 2011 and 2012. She also has 13 years of experience as a mentor for teachers in Arkansas seeking career education endorsements.

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Lakeisha MathewsLakeisha Mathews

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Certified Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, General, Higher Education
Lakeisha Mathews, Ed.D, is Director of the Career and Internship Center at the University of Baltimore and is also the owner of Right Resumes & Career Coaching, career development business focused on providing professional documents, career coaching and training for mid-level and mid-management professionals in a variety of industries. She holds an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership & Innovation from Wilmington University, a M.S. in Human Resource Development from Towson University and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland College Park. Lakeisha is committed to the field of career development and in 2011, she was elected as president of the Maryland Career Development Association. In 2016, Lakeisha co-authored a chapter in the book Find Your Fit, published by the Association of Talent Development. In 2017 she was elected Trustee-at-Large for the National Association of Career Development (NCDA) and formally served as the Trustee for Higher Education Career Counselors & Educators. She is currently the President-Elect of NCDA and will begin her presidential term in October 2022. Lakeisha is a native of Baltimore, MD and seeks to give back to the greater Baltimore community by serving on non-profit boards and supporting workforce programs. Lakeisha has provided pro bono employability skills training to disadvantaged youth and currently supports the Baltimore City Youth Works program and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Corporate Internship Program, to provide work opportunities for at-risk youth. Of most importance is Lakeisha’s client-centered approach to career coaching. Hearing success stories continues to be the favorite part of her job as a Higher Education Administrator, Educator and Career Coach!


Dirk W. MatthewsDirk Matthews Headshot

Credentials: CMCS
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Ed
Dirk is the Senior Director of Alumni Relations at Columbia College Chicago where he leads program development to engage alumni in volunteer and philanthropic opportunities. He has over 25 years of experience teaching in higher education and 23 years of experience working as a career development practitioner. As a former therapist, Dirk trained in trauma therapy and Gestalt techniques. In addition, Dirk is a professional architectural photographer and has extensive experience in film and video production.Dirk is the chair of the NCDA Training and Education Council and co-chairs the NCDA’s Technology Committee. He holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology and a bachelor’s in film production. Dirk holds a CMCS certification and is a certified Facilitating Career Development Instructor.

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Paige McDonoughPaige Mc Donough Photo

Credentials: CCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Human Resources, International Students, K-12
Paige has over 14 years of experience in education spanning three countries including 5 years spent as a career advisor at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and 4 years as a career development officer at the Qatar Career Development Center. She has experience working as a high school counselor and currently works as the Director of Enablement for Kuder, Inc., where she delivers initiatives that support both international and domestic partners with their career development goals. Throughout her experience, Paige has delivered hundreds of individual career counseling sessions, group presentations, events and programs aimed to support the career development of the individuals served. She is passionate about empowering individuals to excel in their career journey. She received her Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of St Thomas in Houston and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin.

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Michelle McKenzie

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General

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Mary Elizabeth McWillieBetty McWillie

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Private Practice
Career counselor and licensed professional counselor with over 35 years of experience in career counseling, personal counseling, career coaching, life coaching, outplacement, and global career development at the highest levels of certification, with clientele ranging from high school students to retirees. Betty McWillie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee, Board Certified Tele Mental Health Provider, Nationally Certified Career Counselor, Certified Career Counselor, Global Career Development Facilitator Trainer, Private Practice Owner, Career Transition Trainer, Group Facilitator, and retired University Career Center Director and Professor. She has served as an expert witness for court decisions for wrongful termination and divorce proceedings, as well as trained new career development specialists in Facilitating Career Development for universities, corporations, and Federal Job Programs.

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Gail Michalski

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, LPC, CVE, LSW
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12
Gail Michalski is a National Certified Vocational Evaluator, A GCDF-Instructor and CCSP. She is also a State of Ohio Licensed Counselor, Social Worker, Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor. She has over 25 years experience in providing a variety of counseling services, but as of late her focus has been in the areas of career development and transition. Ms. Michalski's current practice is focued on working with the injured worker population in the process of re-creating themselves in the workforce. This process often combines career and mental health concepts in the transition process. She has instructed FCD hybrid courses since 2015 and was the former Coordinator of the Career Resource Department at Auburn Career Center serving the career needs of general and special education students as well as providing career development consulting work to business and industry. Ms. Michalski has also served as president and secretary of the Ohio Career Development Association and former professional development committee chair. She has presented at numerous conferences throughout the national on the topics of career development and transition.
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Jillian D. Miles MasseyJillian Miles Massey


Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, SHRM-CP
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, K-12, Workforce Development
Jillian Miles Massey is an FCD Instructor and Talent Development Consultant with experience in higher education, industry, and not-for-profit volunteer leadership. Jillian is a graduate of Auburn University with a BSBA in Human Resources Management and an MBA with a focus in HR. She is a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), and a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP). Jillian also holds an Instructional Design Certificate from the Association for Talent Development.
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Cynthia MillerDr. Cynthia L. Miller's Photo

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, K-12
As a higher education educator and former Career and Technical Education administrator, Cynthia Miller has conducted career development training with graduate students and secondary school counselors since 2012 using the NCDA Facilitating Career Development curriculum. She thoroughly enjoys helping inidividuals discover their potential for success in a meaningful and fulfilling career.

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Mona Khaled MostafaMona Khaled Mostafa- FCDI Registery Photo

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Workforce Development
Mona Khaled over 15 years of experience igniting potential in individuals and organizations. Her diverse background spans prominent organizations across Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, where she designed and facilitated engaging learning programs and personalized career plans. Mona is passionate about helping individuals discover their strengths, chart their ideal career paths, and achieve fulfilling professional goals. Mona has conducted one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and developed personalized career development plans. She has also created character-building programs for young ages and teens, fostering self-discovery and personal growth. She also designed and developed engaging learning experiences for leading corporations like SANS, Savola, Hikma and ADNOC. In addition to this, she Contributed to organizational development through internal assessments, process analysis, and policy development. She has also contributed valuable resources to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of KSA. Mona holds various International Accreditations in Career Development, Personality Profiling, coaching and other therapeutic interventions .

Maha Fakhry MoussaPic Mf Linkedin

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, Workforce Development

With over 25 years of experience in career management, industry relations, and capacity building, Maha, is the co-founder and a catalyst for new initiatives and programs throughout the initiation and maturity stages of the career center at the American University in Cairo. Her vision and drive are instrumental in the conceptualization and start-up phases of new programs. Since 2012, Maha has been establishing USAID funded career centers at Egyptian universities and empowering them to integrate labor-market needs and enhance private-sector engagement. Currently, the chief of party the University Centers for Career Development (UCCD), she leads a $20M USAID funded project overseeing the establishment and sustainability of 21 career centers in 14 Egyptian public universities within 12 governorates serving 1M Egyptian youth. Maha earned her bachelor and master degrees from AUC. She also holds a Master of International Business from Paris and a certificate of competence in psychometric and occupational testing from the UK. Maha is licensed to administer and interpret a professional range of self-assessment and leadership development tools.


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Jennifer L. Murdock Bishop

Credentials: CCSP
Area of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Ed, K-12, Workforce Development
Jennifer Murdock Bishop is an associate professor of Counselor Education and Supervision and a doctoral program coordinator at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. Her research interests include community engaged scholarship with graduate students, counselor professional identity and orientation, career transitions and college students specifically student athletes, online learning, and the use of creative and experiential instructional strategies and formats in counselor training. She is a member of the University of Northern Colorado Leadership Team for Community and Civic Engagement, a Faculty in Residence at Career Services, and co-chair of the University College Faculty Advisory Committee on University 101. In the state of Colorado, Dr. Murdock is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Special Services Provider-School Counselor and nationally she is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), a Career Services Provider (NCDA), and a Career Development Facilitator Instructor (NCDA).

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Martha Marie NicksMarie Nicks MSEd CCSP FCDI

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Masters in Adult Education, Conflict Analysis & Resolution Certificate
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development 
Marie Nicks is a business owner, consultant, career coach, and instructor with over 17 years of comprehensive experience in the career development field. She specializes in helping youth and young adults with career exploration, job search, and personal growth. Marie is skilled at helping people with resume building, interviewing, and personal branding. Marie Nicks also trains and mentors career development professionals. She enjoys guiding professionals from all walks of life in starting and transitioning in their career.

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Garrett NilssonGarrett Nilsson

Credentials: CCC, GCDF, CRC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education
Garrett Nilsson is currently a career counselor and career and self-discovery instructor at BYU-Idaho. He enjoys training for and running in Spartan races. He and his wife breed and raise Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys on their farm in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology Southern Utah University and a master’s degree in vocational counseling from Utah State University. He is a certified career counselor, and global career development facilitator. He is a past president of the Idaho Career Development Association. He has provided many trainings on career assessment administration and interpretation at regional, state, and national conferences. He is passionate about working with students to explore college and career possibilities, becoming self-reliant, and finding their calling in life.

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Rhonda L. NormanRhonda Norman

Credentials: LPCC-s, LICDC, LSW
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Human Resources, Private Practitioners
Dr. Rhonda L. Norman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been a counselor educator for the past 15 years, has been a career development practitioner for over 20 years, and maintains a career counseling and coaching practice in the Cincinnati area. Rhonda has experience in employee assistance/human resources, college counseling and community mentoring programs. She has been teaching career counseling and development for School and Clinical Mental Health Counseling students at Xavier University for the past 7 years. For the past five years she has been an Executive Coach working with executive physicians and other "C" suite individuals. Dr. Norman's experience has a broad range, she has experience intervening with the service industry and upper level executives. Dr. Norman's passion is working and teaching from a strengths-based holistic framework. Career development practice is inherently strengths-based and holistic, and if you would like to honor this framework with the clients/students that you serve, I would like to assist you with advocating from this perspective.

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Rasha Abul NasrRasha Abul Nasr

Credentials: CCSP, NBA
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners
Rasha Abul Nasr, Director of Learning and Development of Pillars Career Advising, has had a tremendous impact on Human Development for the last nineteen years, with over thirty years of working experience. For much of this time, she has trained in dual languages, English and Arabic in Egypt and the Middle East, many people from different sectors; business educators, private practitioners in leadership development tracks based on their competencies. She worked with individuals to reach their career interests and guides them with their development plan and career path, along with their employability and interviewing skills after Covid-19. Additionally, she has trained master degree students for five consecutive intakes at the Arab Academy for Science & Technology University.
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Miwa Omori

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Miwa holds an M.A. in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University. She teaches career development courses at Nagano University. Miwa's training program is an integration of the Japanese social context as she is the pioneer of FCD training and a CCSP holder in Japan.
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Essam Osman AbobakrEssam A Li Osman Abobakr

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
I am dedicated to empowering individuals to align their career paths with their values and interests. As the founder of impactful programs targeting youth trends and professional growth, I leverage advanced assessment tools and technology to guide career transitions that resonate with personal strengths and aspirations. Certified GCDF since 2011 and recognized as one of the early achievers of GCDF in the Arab region, I have worked with cases from numerous Arab countries, bringing a deep understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds to my practice. MBA holder from ESLSCA University, with a commitment to ongoing professional development and research as a Ph.D. researcher. I have successfully helped individuals navigate career shifts and pursue paths aligned with their unique styles and values. As a project manager and coordinator for various governmental initiatives, I have honed my skills in driving positive change and innovation in career development. 

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Claire Baixiao OuyangClaire Ouyang

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners
Dr. Ouyang is the founder of the Macao Career Development Association. As a private practitioner, she provides career development services, teaches at the tertiary level, and actively conducts academic research.

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Jennifer Parks-Tigertjennifer parks-tigert

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Jennifer has 15+ years’ experience providing career coaching and career-related services to a wide array of individuals—from those who were laid off, to the underemployed, to those just starting their career journey, and beyond. Jennifer holds a Masters’ Degree in Social Work and has worked with many social programs helping families and individuals work towards self-sufficiency. Higher education, career planning, and job searching were always pivotal to her work as a social worker. Jennifer serves as the manager of the career services department at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, WI where they employ a fully embedded coaching framework and are guided by CDF principles to support the growth and development of students and community members alike.

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Condoa ParrentCondoa Parrent

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, International Students, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Condoa received her doctorate from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Her doctorate is in Higher Education Administration with a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from UNT. Her doctorate focused on student levels' of resilience. Condoa has over 25 years of higher education experience, working in admissions, career services, financial aid, testing, counseling, advising, housing, athletics, food service, and student accessibility resources. She has also taught as an adjunct faculty member for Purdue University Global for 10 years - teaching Multiculturalism and Diversity in Higher Education. Online Student Services, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and Research Methods in Higher Education. She has also taught General Education Capstone and Information Literacy at Ashford University of 2 1/2 years. Condoa enjoys helping individuals discover their talents, passions, and values. It is a joy to assist individuals in finding that career where they fit and enjoy the work they do.

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Danielle Renee' Patchin

Credentials: NCC
Dr. Renee' Patchin has been in the career counseling and services field for well over 20 years. With career counseling and career center management experience in four-year and two-year institutions, Renee' has build counseling programs to meet students' developmental phases. Grounded in developmental theory, Renee' draws on modern career theory to help clients navigate the ever-changing world of work to identify fit and passion. Currently pursuing a PhD in Education (Higher Education Learning Analytics), Renee' holds an MA in Counseling from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a BA in History from the College of Charleston (SC).

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Jim PeacockJim Peacock

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Area of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, K-12, Private Practice, Workforce Development  
Jim is the Principal of Peak-Careers Consulting offering the FCD class since 2001, online seminars, and F2F workshops for career professionals. For over 11 years he was Director of the Advising & Career Center at a community college, over a decade as a high school counselor, and since February 2012 has been full time with Peak-Careers. He is a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP and NCDA FCD Instructor. A two-time President of Maine Career Development Association. In 2007, he received the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award from NCDA. Jim has a Masters Degree in Education, College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University. He is the author of A Field Guide for Career Practitioners: Helping Your Clients Create Their Next Move and the recipient of the 2020 Kenneth C. Hoyt Award from National Career Development Association. Jim also serves on the NCDA Board of Directors as Trustee-at-Large, 2022-2025.

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Jennifer PeppleJenn Pepple

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, CTA
Areas of Expertise: General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Workforce Development
Jennifer (Jenn) Pepple has 14 years' experience in Human Resources and 3 years' experience in Workforce Development. Throughout her career, her focus has been in recruiting and training. She is currently the Employee Recruitment and Training Coordinator at Casper College. Her personal and professional experiences have allowed her a unique opportunity to experience the world of work from the point of view of both applicant and the prospective employer. She holds a Master of Sustainable Tourism degree from Arizona State University, A Bachelor of Humanities and Fine Arts from University of Wyoming, an Associate of General Studies from Casper College, and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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Jessamyn PerlusJessamyn Perlus

Credentials: CCC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Higher Education
Jessamyn (Jess) Perlus earned her Masters and PhD from the Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has been career advising for over ten years. Her research specialty is the impostor phenomenon and how it can interfere with mental health and career striving. She has taught career classes for undergraduates at the University of Illinois as well as Applied Positive Psychology for the University of Missouri. Dr. Perlus manages the award-winning Career Development Toolkit at Cornell University, a canvas-based series of modules designed to guide students through career exploration step by step. Dr. Perlus is also co-author of A Case Study Approach to Ethics in Career Development, 2nd Edition published by NCDA. She is a member of the NCDA Publications Development Council and has written articles for Career Developments magazine and Career Convergence.

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Amy Pierce-DandersAmy Pierce-Danders

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Amy Pierce-Danders is a dynamic member of the West Michigan community, someone who thrives in chaos and sees every challenge as an opportunity. Amy's desired legacy is to leave an imprint of impact on the corner of the world she touches. Her calling is to help organizations and individuals understand the career development process and how being on the right seat on the bus can raise our happiness quotient - individually and as a community. Amy has an extensive training and development background in the field of career development and workforce readiness delivering programs to the K-12 and higher education communities, human resources professionals, non-profit associations, and the business community as a whole. Programming has been delivered through her affiliations with Associated Builders & Contracts - West Michigan (Director of Workforce Development) , Kent Intermediate School District (Career Exploration Coordinator), Davenport University (Regional Employment & Internship Manager), and Express Employment Professionals (Director of Training & Development). As a believer in education, she has an MBA; Strategic Management (Davenport University), BA; Organizational Development (Spring Arbor University), AA; Business (Grand Rapids Community College).

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Jennifer J. PollardJennifer Pollard

Credentials: GCDF, EdD, SMS
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources
Jennifer Pollard, EdD, SMS, is an industrial and organizational psychologist who has worked with organizations and individuals to develop a quality workforce and bridge expectations to results. As a career developmental strategist, Dr. Pollard's professional work includes individual coaching and guidance for career progression and transition as well as instructing various customized and corporate trainings. Jenn is focused on providing technical, adaptive, and engaging training experiences using her communication, psychology, and business knowledge and experience. Dr. Pollard is also an experienced educator teaching numerous higher education courses in the Minneapolis/St. Paul communities. Her passions are in creating awareness and dialogue for a diverse workforce and developing employees for career progression by leading with authentic, transparent, and positive influence.

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Derek PoonDerek Poon's image file

Credentials: CCSP, NLP Coach, MBTI Step 1 Practitioner, BSc, Econ, MA, MSc Psychology
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Derek has worked in the government, Fortune 500 organisations and global bank as strategist and management in Asia Pacific region for more than 20 years. He received his Master of Art degree in International Business from the City University of Hong Kong, and Master of Science degree in Psychology from the Sheffield Hallam University. He is enthusiastic about people development and training since his early career, taking the additional roles for training on project management, communications and business analytics, becoming an career development facilitator and accredited as a professional trainer of FCD courses. He is dedicated in providing professional career consultation, coaching, training and e-learning development support to individuals, mid-career professionals, universities and organisations.

Timothy PoyntonTim Poynton

Credentials: CCSP, CCSCC, GCDF
Area of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice
I am a school counselor educator at the University of Massachusetts Boston who teaches both the FCD and SCDA training programs. Prior to working at the university level, I worked as a school counselor in a public school and as an academic advisor at a public university. My research focuses on facilitating the college search process, so my background and experience lend themselves well to providing FCD/SCDA instruction to participants working in K-12 or higher education settings. I also served in the military (enlisted) and can bring that experience to the FCD and SCDA training as well.

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Diandra PrescodDiandra J Prescod

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Phd, LPC, NCC
Areas or Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education
Dr. Diandra J. Prescod is an Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator of School Counseling at the University of Connecticut. In her previous role, she spent five years as an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Program Coordinator of Career Counseling at Pennsylvania State University. While at Penn State, Dr. Prescod created and directed the Academic Wellness and Career Consultations program which provides career counseling services to students in mechanical engineering. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; her master's in mental health counseling from Monmouth University; and her Ph.D. in counselor education from the University of Central Florida. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor with expertise in mental health and career counseling. With over 10 years of counseling experience, 50 presentations at academic conferences all across the United States and in German, Italy, Hungary, and Austria, Dr. Prescod also writes book chapters and has numerous publications in academic journals. In fall 2020, Dr. Prescod took part in creating the University of Connecticut's first anti-Black racism course with her module entitled, "Race, Anti-Blackness, + STEM." In addition, she received more than $2.5M in sponsored research funding which focuses on career development for undergraduate students. She believes counseling is a source of support and empowerment for clients and strives to help clients be in alignment with themselves as they navigate the world a round them.

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Constance J. PritchardConstance Pritchard

http://pritchard.crhosts.com/ ; http://pritchardgroup.com
LinkedIn: drconstancejpritchard
Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, GCDF, NCDA Fellow
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Dr. Pritchard has worked with healthcare, education, manufacturing, law enforcement, banking, and government, presenting seminars and workshops on coaching, career development, workforce development, and business topics. Dr. Pritchard has delivered career training internationally (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Peru, Micro Asia, China, Russia, Uganda, Israel, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan) and nearly every state in the US. Previously, she directed a university career center. Dr. Pritchard is currently chair of NCDA's Master Trainer Workshop Committee, NCDA's Credentialing Commission and the Commission's International Taskforce. The Credentialing Commission has developed and launched 5 new credentials in 2017. She is Previously, she was the Contributing Editor for NCDA's Career Developments magazine and served for 6 years on NCDA's Facilitating Career Development (CSP) Advisory Council. Recently, she authored the chapter on career assessment in business for the 7th edition of NCDA's Guide to Career Assessment. Dr. Pritchard's NCDA Facilitating Career Development training is focused on each learner and the learner's needs. Her online course includes extra resources for every topic and additional topics for learner use. The site contains 100s of additional resources, and all are available for a client's use, both during and after completing the course. Individuals set their own timeline for completion thus providing flexibility for each learner. Credit cards and checks are accepted for payment. Courses are customized for organizations and learners. Current Leadership Roles Chair, NCDA Credentialing Committee NCDA Master Trainer, Instructor, Fellow Treasurer, Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association Committee Chair, Asia Pacific Career Development Association.

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Craig RatzlaffCraig Ratzlaff

Credentials: MS, MCTC, JDTC, CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, K-12, Workforce Development
Craig has over 30 years of career counseling and teaching experience in industry, higher education, and the public schools. Craig has offered FCD classes since 2002 and is serving on the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Training and Education Council and NCDA CDF Advisory Council. Craig was the first recipient of the Dr. Ken Hoyt Career Practitioner Award sponsored by NCDA/AACE. He was a past recipient of the Association of Community Colleges Trustees Western Region Faculty Member of the Year and Nebraska Community College Association Faculty Member of the Year. He has conducted career and personal development workshops for various institutions and agencies throughout Nebraska and served as president of the Nebraska Career Development Association. In addition, Craig trained with Richard Bolles, author of the best -selling career guidance book What Color Is Your Parachute?

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LaChish RiggHeadshot Ljr

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, K-12, Private Practitioners
LaChish J. Rigg is the owner of LJR Training & Coaching, a private practice based in South Florida offering the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training course along with career coaching services. LaChish has over 15 years of experience in higher education, including experience providing career and academic advising services to diverse populations. She also has experience as a college instructor and workshop presenter. She teaches college and career readiness courses and has presented workshops on resume writing, networking, interview skills, and job fair professionalism. She served as President of the New Jersey Career Development Association, Sub-committee co-chair of the New Jersey Association for Multicultural Counseling, and Member-at-large for the Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association. Her educational background includes graduate studies in counseling, education, and business.

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Danielle RoessleDanielle Roessle

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners
After Danielle Menditch Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP, earned her Master of Social Work from the University of Denver in 2007, she found the most useful space for applying her understanding of psychology was in career development and business coaching. She created The Inner Compass Process, a holistic program that uses childhood memories to help individuals identify the behavioral patterns that allow them to thrive, breakthrough the patterns that are holding them back, and identify best-fit career and business opportunities based on their self-discovery. Danielle is the author of the book, The Inner Compass Process: Using Childhood Memories to Guide Your Career Change, and has presented her one-of-a-kind approach for career transition in published articles that appear in Career Convergence Magazine, SkillScan, SharpHeels, The List, the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, and the Coloradoan.

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Patricia R. RogersPatricia Rogers

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Patricia is a Board Certified Practitioner, Transitional Career & Life Coach through Paradigm 360 in Charlotte, NC. She holds a Masters of Mental Health Counseling from Webster University and an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Livingstone College. Patricia taught Accelerating Success through coaching effectiveness and listening methodologies that leveraged tools of authenticity and empowerment. She is known for her passionate assistance of others who are ready and willing to experience their ideal career, job and relationship. She has facilitated job clubs, employment fairs, workshops, including topics such as Diversity & Leadership, Strategic & Social Networking. Patricia is a retired professional and small business owner of Encore Virtual Career Academy. Patricia's strength is meeting her customers where they are by acknowledging they are the expert in their own lives. She continues to serve on numerous committees and volunteers her time unselfishly.

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Carolina SalehCarolina Saleh 2

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Ed, Human Resources, Workforce Development

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Bessie Sanders-GordonBessie L Sanders Gordon 2

Credentials: GCDF, Licensed Master Social Workers, Certified Trainer SC Endeavors, T/TA Provider in Early Childhood
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Bessie Sanders-Gordon is a retiree of the State of South Carolina, Sumter School District 17 and works part=time for Lee County First Steps as the Program Manager for Strengthening Families Program - Sumter County. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker and FCD Instructor and active in her community. She has over 30 years of teaching and training experience. She is also a Certified Early Childhood Trainer and T/TA provider with South Carolina Endeavors. She is the owner/trainer for BSG Diversified Training and Consulting.

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Rania Sawalhi2022 03 02 173312

Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, K-12
Dr. Rania Sawalhi has more than 20 years of experience in education (K-12 and higher education) as she worked as teacher, vice principal, principal of international school, strategic manager, researcher and lecturer. During her work she developed career guidance policies and procedures for the schools that she worked in. In addition, she designed career management skills and activities for Honors programs students in Qatar University. Rania has won several awards such as ICSEI/JPCC 2020 Innovation Award for designing a female empowerment program which included career readiness and social innovation, and she was a Study UK alumni awards finalist for social impact. In 2019, Rania completed her PhD Educational Leadership from University of Warwick (UK)and published a number of research and books in peer-reviewed journals. Rania is a co-founder of Eduenterprise a non-profit organization registered in USA and has launched the Educational Leadership Lab applying design thinking approach and launched Rushd educational leadership coaching e-platform, she is a co-founder of WomenEdMENA, and LIFE, and ICSEI_ELN co-coordinator. Currently, Rania works in Qatar Career Development Center, in Qatar Foundation. 

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Anne Scholl-FiedlerAnne Scholl-Fiedler

Credentials: CCSP, LCPC in State of Maryland, Dependable Strengths Articulation Process
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Workforce Development
Anne Scholl-Fiedler possesses 25 years of professional experience in the career development field including non-profits and higher education. Anne is a Master Trainer of the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process and a NCDA FCD Instructor. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Maryland and she holds a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Psychology, and Masters in Counseling Psychology from Towson University. Currently serving in Career Services at Frederick Community College, she has also worked at Stevenson University, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Frederick County Workforce, and the University of Washington. 
She has facilitated trainings for high school teachers, college career professionals and advisors, Veterans, workforce development professionals and administrators. Anne has presented at numerous conferences including NACE, MCDA, MPACE, MACCA, Raising the Bar Workforce Development, and EACE. In addition she led the development and implementation of the Career Architecture MOOC and Frederick Community College's Discovering Your Future Podcast series. Using a strength-based approach to her work, she enjoys facilitating groups to reach their fullest potential and has a passion for the career development field.

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Donald A. Schutt, Jr.Don Schutt Picture

Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor-State of WI, Board Certified Counselor (NBCC), Board Certified Coach (CCE), and a SHRM-Senior Certified Professional (SCP)
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Workforce Development
Dr. Don Schutt is an HR consultant in the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement at CPS HR Consulting and Senior Director Emeritus in the office of Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He most recently served as the Director of Talent Management/Consultant (and previously the Director of Human Resources Development) where he oversaw talent recruitment and engagement, services for English-language learning employees including interpretation and translation services, and learning and talent development for nearly 20,000 employees. Previously, he worked as a career development specialist at the Center on Education and Work in the School of Education at UW-Madison. In the last twenty-five years, he has presented keynotes, courses, and workshops focusing on a variety of topics including leadership development, management strategies, program management, process improvement, employee relations, and professional and career development systems in organizations. His educational background includes a PhD and MA in Counselor Education and Sports Psychology from the University of Iowa, and a BA in Journalism and Economics from UW-Madison. Don has also been recognized as an NCDA Fellow.

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Rob SeemannRob Seemann

Rob has over two decades of experience in the teaching, training and staff development industry. He chaired the NCDA FCD Advisory Council for three years and was honored with the NCDA Presidential Recognition Award for Leadership. Rob has trained over 500 State of Oregon Employment staff as well as worked with nearly all 17 community colleges in Oregon. He also trained career counselors and advisors in higher education throughout the state and country. Rob is the author of the training book, "How to Teach Job Search Skills". In the last two years he has had over 3000 unemployed people participate in his Job Search Skills workshops through WorkSource Oregon.

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Taylor SimmonsTaylor Simmons

Credentials: GCDF, PHR, SHRM-CP, CPRW
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Taylor Simmons is a Career Coach and Consultant with experience in career development, human resources and workforce development. She has experience working with companies and communities interested in developing a diverse, thriving workforce. In addition, she has experience working one-on-one and in groups with individuals in transitions including high school students and their families, graduating college students, and individuals pursuing career changes. Taylor mission statement centers around her desire to help others. It reads: I will strive daily to present the best version of myself to clients, family, friends and others. I will work to empower others and help them in their journey to lead better lives. Taylor enjoys helping individuals discover their talents, passions and values. By doing this, she helps them grow in careers they love with organizations that are exactly the right fit. Taylor graduated from Athens State University, cum laude, with a bachelors degree in business management with a concentration in Human Resources. She is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), a Society of Human Resources Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Instructor and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). Taylor serves on the board of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers and is a member of the United Way Womens Leadership Council. Taylor enjoys being involved in her community and is committed to innovation and positive change. Taylor lives in Hartselle, AL with her husband, Chris and their two children, Lydia and Porter.

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Elvis SioEs

Credentials: CSCDA, CCC, CCSCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, International Students, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Elvis is a Lead Career Counsellor, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor in one of the Singapore ministry. By participating in the first class of ECG counsellor training, Elvis accumulated vast working experience in helping K12 and tertiary students with their education and career planning. Elvis was a Principal Employability Coach and a Specialist who dealt with workforce and industry development. His work experiences include organizational development, programme management and workforce training, job re-design and re-creation. Furthermore, he have rendered service in an employee assistance programme to help displaced workers as well as underemployed workers. Elvis obtained his Master in Professional Counselling and Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Elvis has also obtained his Clinical Supervision and Broaching Multicultural Diversity and Identity Issues Certification at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA. As a Registered Clinical Member and Counsellor with Singapore Association of Counselling, Elvis volunteer his expertise to help disadvantaged individuals and families through community befriender programme.

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Marie SmithMarie Smith headshot

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, Higher Ed, K-12, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Dr. Marie Smith is a business owner, professional trainer, academic researcher, and university instructor. She has extensive experience with career guidance, professional development, and instructional technology. She specializes in teaching and mentoring career practitioners and entrepreneurs. She is innovative and resourceful. She will help you enhance your skills so you can support the career development of others.

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Linda SollarsLinda Sollars

Credentials: GCDF, CMCS, Leadership Development Certification from the University of Denver
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
As President of Creating Purpose, LLC, a career coaching and consulting firm for the past 14 years in Golden, Colorado, Linda provides career development expertise to organizations and individuals, specifically focused on transition, change management, multiple generations in the workforce and Encore Careers. She held senior leadership positions with several Fortune 100 Companies and worked as Training Director for her local Workforce Center before transitioning full-time into her career consulting business. Linda has been a featured career development panelist on CBS, Channel 4 in Denver, Colorado and featured career development expert on ABC, Channel 9, Denver, Colorado. Her career development workshops and keynotes extend to government, non-profit and private business regionally and nationally. Linda holds two Master of Arts Degrees, one in Adult Development and one in Creative Writing and has been an Affiliate Professor at Regis University in Denver, Colorado for the past 11 years, instructing Psychology, Positive Psychology and Career Development courses. She also carries the Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor credential and the Certified Master of Career Services credential. She offers hybrid and online Facilitating Career Development (FCD) courses for private career practitioners, resume writers, workforce & employment professionals, college advisors and career center staff, Human Resource professionals, recruiting and outplacement professionals, non-profit professionals, other interested career development professionals. She is the recipient of the Rich Feller Award for outstanding career development practitioners in Colorado and has been selected to the national Leadership Academy for the National Career Development Association.

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Kristen Starcher

Credentials: GCDF, Certified Counselor
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Private Practitioners
I have been in the education industry for 13 years working with students as a school counselor and in the designated role as a certified career counselor. I hold a Masters in Education and have worked in the business industry and in the education sector in many different capacities. I created my own career program in the high school setting and love working with students. I have presented at several local and national conferences on my program. I would love to share my expertise with you. I am the Lead Career Counselor in my school district and have my own company helping students with college and career counseling to prepare them for their future steps. I am an out of the box thinker and integrate a wide variety of techniques i.e. assessments, adventure based counseling, stations, personal values etc. to help students with career exploration. My classes are interactive and I really focus on applicable activities and information that you can incorporate into your setting. I love to share my activities with my FCD classes because I believe we are hear to serve our clients so we should share what we have found is helpful to our clients. I look forward to talking to you more.

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Simone StewartSimone Stewart

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Credentialed career development practitioner with experience in career advising/planning, training and development, job accommodations, job retention, employment support, soft skills development, life skills development, and job placement assistance. Simone has experience providing services to underrepresented populations, which include veterans, low/limited income, first-generation, and clients with disabilities. She has worked in higher education, workforce development, private practice, and employer consulting.

Alana StimesAlana Stimes

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Area of Expertise: General, Higher Ed, Workforce Development
Alana Stimes is the Program Director and Lead FCD Instructor for Reading & Math, Inc. In her role, she supports 40 AmeriCorps members annually in their service year, as they work one-to-one and in group settings with underserved adults, helping them access training and ultimately become gainfully employed. She offers her FCD course twice per year; a closed course for only her AmeriCorps members each fall, and then an open course for community partners in the spring. Alana is an experienced AmeriCorps*VISTA alum. She served for two years with the Minnesota Literacy Council, helping un- or underemployed adults build work readiness skills at an ABE program. In her final service year, served as the inaugural VISTA Leader for The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota, helping them implement the first year of the Phillips Sectoral Employment Initiative (PSEI) VISTA Program. After VISTA, Alana worked as an Employment and Business Development Specialist with RESOURCE, Inc. Alana received her Bachelor of Arts in both International Studies and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), a Certified Career Services Practitioner (CCSP), and has been a certified instructor for the FCD curriculum since 2014.

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Roy TanRoy Tan Profile Image Jpeg

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/roy-tan-sc
Website: https://www.rp.edu.sg/
Credentials: CCSP, CCC, GCDF, Chartered Psychologist, CPsychol, GCDFI
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Workforce Development
Roy has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology and a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology. • He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and an Associate Fellow (AFBPsS) with the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is also an active member of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). He is a Certified Career Counsellor (CCC) with NCDA and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (APS) with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) • Currently, he is the Programme Head for the Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling and holds Instructor credentials in the Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDF-I), Facilitating Career Development Instructor (FCD-I)

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Ricky Sau-Tak TangRicky Tang

Credentials: GCDF, DBA, MBA, EdM,in SchCL, SpDipCL, GDipEd, BEd, MACA Level 4, HKPCA CertCLR, CMSAC, CICA CertLeadProf, EVGP
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Workforce Development
Dr. Ricky Tang is Senior Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, where he heads the Specialist Diploma in Career Counseling program and facilitates its career counseling practicum. At RP, he also teaches the HRM with Psychology program. Before becoming a career educator in 2014, Ricky spent 9 years at the Singapore Management University's career centre as a Senior Associate Director. He was previously a general manager in the private section, and a high school teacher for many years. Ricky received his doctor from University of Newcastle, an MBA from University of Phoenix, master's in School Counseling from University at buffalo, and a diploma in Counselling. He completed his undergrad degrees in Australia and Hong Kong, and graduate diplomas in different educational specialties. other credentials include facilitation, training & assessment, and training management. Ricky is certified by CCE as an Approved Clinical Supervisor. He is a qualified administrator of MBTI, SII, Career Leader, and Workplace Big 5.

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Karol I. TaylorKarol Taylor

Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Private Practitioners
With expertise in career consultation, community college career and academic counseling, workforce development training, and career professional volunteerism, Karol Taylor brings a broad array of career experience to the Facilitating Career Development Initiative. She also brings a deep understanding of the skills and abilities needed to work effectively in the Career Counseling/Advising Community. Karol has an MA in Counseling Psychology, and a BA in Social Work. Karol has many years of volunteering with NCDA and ACA-related professional organizations, so she understands the infrastructure of the national career development community and can readily help others to do the same. Karol received numerous career-related awards including NCDA Merit (2014), NCDA Outstanding Career Practitioner (2016), Mark L. Savickas Scholarship for Outreach and Achievement from the Career Construction Institute (2019), Maryland Counseling Association Lifetime Achievement (2019), and Maryland Career Development Association Lifetime Achievement (2017). Karol is known for her easy adaptation to career-related technology, so bring the attitude of curiosity and exploration to your training.

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Adriana ThomasThomas Adriana Adeena Rose Wade 2022 11 03 1 1

Credentials: Life Purpose Coach, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12
Adriana Thomas is currently working as an academic advisor, internship coordinator, and instructor of career preparation at Washington State University. She weaves career development into her work with undergraduate students as they explore internship opportunities and future career paths. She also has a private practice, Lunar Northwest, where she provides life purpose coaching services to clients, guiding them to find careers that are in alignment with their dreams and goals. Adriana has a Life Purpose Coaching certification from the Dharma Coaching Institute. Adriana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Seattle Pacific University and a Master of Science degree in Educational Counseling and Student Development from Central Connecticut State University. She has been in the field of education for over 18 years and has vast expertise in teaching, coaching, and curriculum design. She also enjoys presenting at conferences for professional organizations and supporting colleagues in their professional development journeys. Adriana is excited to spread career development knowledge to practitioners who work with clients as they find meaningful work. Adriana enjoys spending time with her family in nature and going on adventures.

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Linda Thomas 

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators and K-12
Linda D. Thomas is an experienced educator with over 20 years of experience working with students, parents, faculty, and industry partners in both faith-based and public education communities. She is passionate about educating students on the career planning process and equipping them with the necessary employability skills to achieve success in their career goals. Linda has been recognized for her work and was named the Santee-Lynches Region CTE Career Specialist of the Year in 2018 and 2021. She is also a mentor to new career specialists. Currently, Linda works as the district Career Readiness Coordinator for Sumter School District.

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Christopher TovarChristopher Tovar

Credentials: CCSP
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Higher Education

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Dominique ToyDominique Toy

Credentials: GCDF

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Ranza ThurmanRanza Thurman

Credentials: GCDF, LSS Black Belt Certification, Level 1 Harrison Assessment Certification, CWDP, Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, Certified Federal Career Coach, Certified Coach, and CAEL
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Ranza Thurman is the Branch Head for the Personal and Professional Development Program aboard MCAS Cherry Point. He served 23 years in the United States Marines Corps. In between times in 2nd and 3rd Marine Division and MWSS 273, he served as a Career Planner and Marine Corps Recruiter gaining valuable knowledge on Service members' future goals in career and education. He often lectures on the importance of education, whether educating yourself in your occupational field or preparing yourself for a new career after military service. He has an Associate in Science Degree in Management, Bachelor in Science Degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters of Arts in Management & Leadership. Mr. Thurman holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Level 1 Harrison Assessment Certification, and a Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor Credential. He is a Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP), Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, Certified Federal Career Coach, Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and Coach Training Alliance, and a Certified Career and Education Advisor. Mr. Thurman studied management because he wanted to apply the excellent leadership he learned in the Marine Corps to civilian work environments. After military retirement he began working as an Education Technician, advising Marines and their family members on higher learning. From there, Mr. Thurman worked his way up to his current position as the Branch Head for MCAS Cherry Point's Personal and Professional Development Program.

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Kathryn K. TroutmanKathryn Troutman

Credentials: Certified Federal Resume Writer, Certified Federal Career Coach, Certified Federal Job Search Trainer
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Military/Vets, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Kathryn Kraemer Troutman is an American author, consultant, and career trainer who assists jobseekers interested in working for the U.S. government. She is the founder and president of The Resume Place, Inc. (est. 1971), that consults on, writes, and designs federal and private-sector resumes.[1] In 1995, as the U.S. government began phasing out the very long Standard Form 171, Troutman wrote the "Federal Resume Guidebook," the first ever book on how to write a federal resume.[7] The "Federal Resume Guidebook" is now in its 7th Edition. Troutman founded the Certified Federal Job Search Trainer / Certified Federal Career Coach, the first of it’s kind – train-the-trainer format– helping veterans, military spouses and current federal employees land federal career or get promoted! Kathryn is the author of 6 current publications, all specializing in Federal Careers: Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses, Jobseeker Guide, 9th Edition, Student’s Federal Career Guide, Writing the New SES Application, Creating Your First Resume.


Amy Turzai NortonAmy Turzai Norton photo

Credentials: GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, K-12, Military/Veterans, Workforce Development
Amy has held various management roles within the career services industry, including Director of Career Services, Regional Director of Career Services, and Career Navigator Manager. Amy is experienced in development, evaluating and implementing career programming into K-12 and higher education. Amy has a strong background in Organizational and Training Development and has worked with many non-profit and educational organizations to train staff in career coaching to better assist displaced workers, high schools students, and veterans. Amy's passion is about helping others find their life passion connecting them with networking opportunities, job transition resources, and helping them make fresh new stars to another chapter of their lives. Amy received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus in Communication from Alverno College located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Coyatitta Usry-BlandCoyatitta Usry-Bland

Credentials: CCSP, CMCS, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Workforce Development, K-12, General
Titta passionately serves as a Career Development Professional in helping others explore career options and job opportunities that best meet their passions and talents. Titta's ultimate goal is to help others explore their natural given talents to find a career with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Titta calls her mission, "Butterfly Faith" by helping others to "learn, grown, transform, and fly", just as she has in her own career transition and life. Titta's area of focus has been in Workforce and Training Development for over 10 years, providing guidance in career planning and job readiness for employment; tailoring each session for specific target audiences such as at-risk youth, unemployed, dislocated workers, veterans, and returning citizens. Now Titta's primary focus is in operations management and training; career coaching employees in reskilling and/or upskilling talents in order to sustain life-long careers in today's dynamic and quick changing workforce.

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Cindy Varner

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education, K-12, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Cindy currently serves as the Vice President of Workforce Development for Goodwill Industries of Arkansas. She provides executive oversight of all education and workforce development programs administered by Goodwill statewide. She led the implementation of The Excel Center, Arkansas' First adult high school, in the Fall of 2017. She also oversees the Academy at Goodwill, a state-licensed trade school; 24 career centers; disabilities program services; mission services; and reentry employment programs. Cindy also served the State of Arkansas for 19 years, administering more than 24 federally-funded employment and training programs and providing strategic direction for the State's workforce development system; labor market information; dislocated worker services; employer tax credits; veterans employment services, migrant and seasonal farm worker services; and discretionary grant programs. Most notable is implementing the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in Arkansas, which better engaged employers with the workforce development system, and focused on regional planning, industry sector strategies, and career pathways for Arkansas.

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Sabira VohraVohra Sabira 5x7

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, JCTC, JCDC
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Educators, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, International Students, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Sabira Vohra is the Founder and Sr. Career Consultant at Career Infusion, providing career coaching, training, and consultancy services. Through her 20+ years of experience within career development and in her private practice she meets clients where they are and coaches, clients to transition, manage and navigate their careers. Sabira also consults with higher education organizations and businesses to help provide career facilitation, career services and workshops. She serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching career development courses and offers FCD training. Sabira is guided by strong intuition and a global perspective having worked and lived overseas. Sabira loves to work with diverse populations and industries and career paths. Her past experience includes directing career services within higher education, the non-profit sector, and work-force development. Sabira currently serves as Past President of MCDA and serves on the Global Connections Committee of NCDA.

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Janet WallDr. Janet Wall

Credentials: CCSP, JCTC, Instruction Design and Distance Education          
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, Educators, Higher Education, K-12,  Military/Veterans, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Dr. Janet Wall has worked at the federal, state, and local levels in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and career development. Her work has spanned the public and private sectors from the Pre-K level through executive development. Janet is a trainer, teacher, distance educator, conference presenter, conference keynoter, and author of articles, reports, and monographs. At the current time, she is founder of Career Planning Academy, a multiple award-winning program that provides online courses and webinars for career development professionals along with the associated clock hours for career development practitioners. Her most recent awards include the President’s (Obama) Lifetime Service Award for her work with Americorps (NCCC), the American Counseling Association’s Government Relations Award, Mid-Atlantic Career Counselors’ Association Professional Contribution Award, and NCDA Merit Award, among others. She was named a Fellow of the National Career Development Association. Janet is author of McGraw-Hill’s test preparation books for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), and a book on career interests. She is co-Author of the Ability Explorer, an assessment that matches abilities to careers. She has been instrumental in the development of two career guidance systems -- the Department of Defense’s ASVAB Career Exploration Program and ACT’s DISCOVER.

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Mary Ila WardMary Ila Ward

Credentials: GCDF, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Areas of Expertise: Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, K-12, Private Practice, Workforce Development
Mary Ila Ward founded Horizon Point Consulting in 2011 with a drive to move the workplace forward through innovative people practices. With a background in corporate recruiting, economic and workforce development, talent management and leadership coaching and training, Mary Ila helps employers and communities focus on growth by challenging leaders to push the limits through forward thinking cultures and practices that are grounded in sound research and science. A huge believer in work-life integration, she helps organizations realize how they can hire for fit while improving diversity, engage employees by supporting them holistically, and drive home the importance of career development to communities and organizations. She's a mom and wife, a runner and reader. She lives in Decatur, Alabama, with her crew - husband Drew, son Andrew, and daughter Paige. And in case credentials are important for you, she graduated from The University of Alabama, summa cum laude, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and rounded out a formal education with a Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, where her thesis focused on leadership emergence. Mary Ila is SHRM-SCP certified, a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Instructor. She was named one of Business Alabama's Movers & Shapers in August 2015 As a lifelong learner, she engages in speaking and writing on topics that are important to moving human resources and talent management forward.

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Kristi WassonKristi Wasson

Credentials: GCDF
Area of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselor Educators, General, Higher Education
As a passionate and engaging educator for 20 years. I have advised and taught a variety of students in both academic and experiential settings. Connecting with others to help them gain self-awareness of how their strengths, interests, skills, and values can fuel their professional and personal goals inspires me. Coaching others to hone their job-search and communication skills in order to achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding. In addition to guiding individuals through career transitions, I get energized when facilitating trainings on CliftonStrengths, MBTI, career exploration and transition, communication skills and NCDA's Facilitating Career Development curriculum to teams of all sizes! Currently I work as a Career Development Advisor at the University of Colorado, Boulder where I also teach the Facilitating Career Development Course to staff and faculty on campus.

Ellen Weaver PaquetteEllen Weaver Paquette

Credentials: CCSP, CCC, GCDF, MA, CAGS, NCDA Master Trainer, NCDA Fellow, NCDA award recipient, Board member 2014-2017, NCC
Area of Expertise: International, Business/Industry, Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Private Practice
Ellen Weaver Paquette, NCC, CSSP, NCDA Fellow and FCD Master Trainer has taught career development to graduate students in counseling for 34 years while teaching the FCD credential to those in agencies, government, business and education in the United States and abroad. She has taught in Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore and most recently Saudi Arabia. She has been recognized for her contributions to NCDA in two prestigious awards, has served on the NCDA FCD original Advisory Council and on the NCDA Board of Directors. Ellen is known for her depth of knowledge and practice, her humor, mentoring of students and perspective within the career development field. She holds two advanced degrees in counseling psychology from Rhode Island College and has lengthy experience in higher education administration. Ellen has presented at state, regional, national conferences in the United States and Canada on topics such as career genograms, using supervision in career counseling and social media.

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Sherry WilliamsSherry R. Williams

Credentials: CSCDA, CMCS, GCDF, LBSW, MBTI Steps 1 & 2, Microburst Employability Skills Instructor
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, General, Educators, Higher Education, K-12, Workforce Development
Sherry has provided targeted direct services to students and adults for more than 35 years working in state government, the private sector, K-12 education, and higher education. Jobs within her career have included abuse investigator for vulnerable adults, Director of Social Work for a state agency, community relations, career counselor, career specialist supervisor, and an instructor of the CCE GCDF curriculum and the NCDA FCD and SCDA curriculums. She is a subject matter expert of the Education and Economic Development Act of 2005 which propelled career development in the state of South Carolina, placing career specialists in all public middle and high schools. She is retired as the Coordinator for Leadership Curriculum and Partnerships for a school district where she 27,000 students and supervised the career specialists who ensure all students receive career awareness, exploration, and guidance services and are career and college ready. 


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Tracy WilliamsTracy Williams picture

Credentials: CCSP, LPC
Areas of Expertise: Counselors, Educators, General, Higher Education
Tracy Williams is the Coordinator of Career Services at the NW Campus of Tarrant Count College in Fort Worth, Texas. She holds a Master of Psychology with a minor in Mental Health Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University. She has also been an Academic Advisor and Counselor at Tarrant County College. She specializes in helping students make an informed career decision.

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Charise WilsonCharise Wilson6090

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF, CPRW, Certified DISC Practitioner and DISCstyles(tm) Communication Consultant
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Counselors, General, Higher Education, Human Resources, Private Practitioners, Workforce Development
Charise is grateful to have served as a job search strategist in higher education for nearly two decades. Fittingly, she now owns a boutique employment solutions firm located in Northern RI. She is a charismatic motivational speaker, GCDF, CCSP, and certified resume writer who is known for leading individuals on self-discovering paths that unlock and open doors to their career success. She elevates professional brands, creates compelling career campaigns, and designs plans for overcoming adversity through easy-to-implement solutions. Her mastery in these areas and targeted approach are world-class. Charise holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. Her professional story includes experience as an experiential learning subject matter expert, adjunct instructor, and work as a certified DISC practitioner. She is profoundly committed to volunteerism, helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and local community activism.

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Sio Wee Syn Elvis

Credentials: CCC, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Business & Industry, Higher Education, International Students, K-12, Workforce Development
Elvis is Senior Education and Career Guidance Counsellor in Ministry of Education, Singapore. As its pioneer batch of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor, he has vast working experience helping K12 and tertiary students with their education and career planning. Elvis is in-charge of a group of ECG counsellors and mentors them as part of their professional development. He conducted workshops in ECG in school setting for targeted students, teachers and parents. Elvis was also appointed as Section Head and a Lead ECG Counsellor in a polytechnic institute managing it’s career centre. In addition, he has obtained his Master in Professional Counselling with Advanced Training in Systemic Family Therapy at Swinburne University of Technology. During his stint with National Trade Union Congress, Elvis was a Principal Employability Coach and a Specialist that dealt with workforce and industry development. He won 4 awards in 3 consecutive years for his excellence services in organizational development, programme management and workforce training, job re-design and re-creation. On top of that, Elvis rendered his service in employee assistance programme to help displacement workers during their career transitions and underemployed workers who seek career enhancement or alternate pathways. Elvis was previously trained as an engineer and was a special needs educator in an autism school. During his off days, Elvis can be found doing pro bono for at-risk students and family mental wellness.

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Jeremiah Wong Chung ChiatJeremiah Wong

Credentials: CCSP, CCSCC, GCDF, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Certified Career Construction Practitioner, Workplace Big Five Certified, Hogan Assessment Certified, Strong Interest Inventory Certified
Jeremiah Wong is a Capability Development and Career Practitioner in Workforce Singapore. He oversees the capability building and advancement of Career Practitioners' skills and services delivery in WSG. As a practicing Career Practitioner of 11 years, he serves individuals as young as 17 to 71 using eclectic and holistic approach to attend to a variety of modern day needs and challenges that intertwines life-roles, meaning, calling and VUCA-world of work. Jeremiah is also lecturing at the Republic Polytechnic on career counseling and supervises graduating career counselors' practices. He also plays a role in the transformation, design and development of Workforce Singapore Agency's Career Services Transformation, development of a new Career Health measurement for all government-supported employment facilitation services through local and international career practitioner collaboration and project work.

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Linda D. WoodardDr. Linda D. Woodard GCDFI

Credentials: Everything DiSC® Assessment; John C Maxwell (JMT) Certified Coach, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®); Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP); CCSP; GCDFI; Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW); Certified Program Planner (CPP); SkillScan Career Driver Express Certification (CDEC): Certified DiSC® Workplace Assessment Facilitator
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Educators, General, Higher Ed, Human Resources, International Students, K-12, Military/Veterans, Private Practice, Workforce Development
As the president of the LDW Group LLC, Dr. Woodard considers her company an outlet to do "passion" work. Since 2005, she and her associates focus on providing workforce and career development services for agencies and organizations that serve dislocated workers, youth aging out of foster care, re-entry youth and adults, displaced homemakers, veterans/spouses and individuals that have limited work experience who are seeking skills to enter or re-enter the workforce. In addition to offering the FCD Training, the LDW Group LLC also provides customized services and PD workshops for incumbent workers. The LDW Group LLC offers the FCD training in the hybrid online format with the required F2F sessions offered in person on site or via video service technology platforms. Her team of certified instructors speaks English and Arabic to serve US-based career development practitioners and those in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her group also specializes in developing resumes and career portfolios for mid-level professionals. Special rates for groups of 6 or more.

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Hyung Joon YoonHyung Joon Yoon

Credentials: SPHR
Area of Expertise: Business/Industry, Human Resources, Workforce Development
Hyung Joon Yoon, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Workforce Education and Development at the Pennsylvania State University. He started to teach the FCD curriculum since 2010 at Penn State in the Workforce Education as well as Counselor Education programs (CNED/WFED 424 Facilitating Career Development). He has developed and offered a number of training programs including the Career Leadership Camp, the Hope-Action Inventory certification program. He is one of master trainers of the FCD curriculum, and he is certified as the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). He plans to offer an FCD course specialized in the B/I setting. He served as B/I Rep for the CSP Advisory Council and is currently serving the NCDA Board of Trustees as Trustee-at-Large (2013-2016; 2016-2019). Dr. Yoon has experience in leadership development, career development, strategic organization development, needs assessment, and evaluation of HRD interventions. He worked for organizations, such as LG Display, Korea Leadership Center, the Korean Army, Penn State Management Development Programs and Services, and Penn State Career Services. While he held these positions, he served as an HRD practitioner, a career coach, and/or an OD consultant. He also facilitated Franklin Covey's time management program, named Focus in South Korea, China, Japan, and the U.S., achieving the Individual Greatness Award from Franklin Covey for the program's measurable effectiveness. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences in the field of career development. His research interest is facilitating human agency and hope.


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Tricia Zelaya-LeonRed Pic Basic 1

Credentials: CCSP, GCDF
Areas of Expertise: Educators, General, Higher Education, Workforce Development

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a teacher; I went to college with the dream of being a Spanish teacher. Today, while I don't teach Spanish, I do serve as a translator: as the Director of the Center for Career & Professional Development at Kalamazoo College. I help students translate their skills and strengths into meaningful jobs and careers that align with their life goals. Their professional wins are my wins, too. Being an educator is a talent that brings me joy. In every role I've held in higher education, whether it's been in residential life, recreational sports, students affairs, or in academic affairs, I have made decisions and designed learning experiences that are grounded in the best interests of students. My dissertation research focused on second-year college student retention and transition program efficacy, so I know a thing or two about assessment for student success! I am a thought leader and content generator when it comes to career exploration and discernment, student development, financial education, and leadership. Outside of work, I love watching college football, snuggling with my dog Brutus, and spending quality time with my family.

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