July 16, 2024

Friendly Reminder about Participating in Mentoring Moments at the 2024 Conference:

Thank you for signing up to participate in "Mentoring Moments" during the NCDA 2024 Global Conference in San Diego. We are thrilled to have you join us for this unique opportunity where early career development professionals will engage in meaningful, 15–30-minute sessions with experienced mentors.

We especially thank all the mentors who signed up – all slots are full! All the instructions you need are in this email and at the Mentoring Booth at the Conference.

Mentees, welcome! We cannot wait to meet you! If you have registered as a mentee but have not signed up for a time slot, please do so at the conference - we have a few slots available!

Please watch your email from a notification from Sign-Up Genius for your time on the schedule.

Mentoring Moments will take place in the conference Exhibit Hall. Please ensure you arrive at your scheduled time at booths 112-113. Your prompt attendance will help us maintain the flow of the program and maximize the experience for all participants. If you must change or cancel your appointment, please visit the volunteer attendant at the booth or use the conference app to contact Sharon Givens.

Walk-in appointments may be available at the conference. Please refer conference attendees who are early career development professionals to the Exhibit Hall booths 112-113 to sign up.

These "Mentoring Moments" are designed to encourage a brief career wellness check, foster a sense of belonging in the career development community, and provide a platform for personalized conversations that explore NCDA resources and opportunities for engagement. NCDA mentors are eager to share their knowledge and skills, inspire mentees to explore their potential, and encourage mentees to pursue aspirations through and beyond NCDA.

We believe that the connections made during the Mentoring Moments sessions will evolve into networks that extend far beyond the timeframe of the conference, creating intentional collaboration and mutual growth within various professional and personal spheres. Therefore, we will have a virtual follow up session on August 7, 2024, from 2:00-3:00 pm EST (a zoom link will be sent later). This session aims to cultivate a supportive environment that promotes long-term professional growth and relationship building. If you were unable to participate during the conference in San Diego, you are still encouraged to attend this virtual follow-up session.

More specifically, the virtual session will focus on the following mentoring principles:

  • Deepening Connections: Strengthening the relationships formed during the initial session and providing more time for meaningful engagement.
  • Sustained Learning: Offering continued guidance and support to help mentees further develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Networking Expansion: Encouraging the expansion of professional networks and fostering a sense of community among participants.
  • Resource Utilization: Ensuring that mentees are effectively utilizing NCDA resources and are aware of new opportunities for engagement and professional development.


We look forward to seeing you and facilitating an inspiring and productive exchange through Mentoring Moments.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Sharon Givens at sgivens62@gmail.com or Melanie Reinersman at mreinersman@ncda.org