List of Career Convergence Recognition Award Winners

This award is designed to recognize an author's contribution of an article published in the NCDA web magazine, Career Convergence.  This award was given for the first time in 2007 and is selected annually by the editors or by specific criteria each year, as described below. The department the article appeared in is listed in parentheses, indicating additional congratulations to the associate editor of that department.


2022 – editors' choice award: Natural Hair is Good Hair: The Crown Act and Ending Hair Discrimination in the Workplace By Whitney McLaughlin (10/1/2021; Features)


2021 - editors' choice award: Career Check Up: Implementing a Campus-Wide Screening to Assess Students’ Career Needs - By Jessamyn Perlus and Nicholas Debernardi (Post-Secondary department)


2020 - editors' choice award:  Using Adlerian Counseling Strategies to Help Career Clients Design Their Futures - By Mariagrazia Buttitta and Marion Cavallaro (Independent department)


2019 - editors' choice award: "Creating Positive Spaces for Career Counseling with Transgender Clients” by Sue Motulsky and Emily Frank (Features)


2018 - editors' choice award: What Career Counselors Need to Know About Refugees By Shadin Atiyeh (Workplaces dept)


2017 - editors' choice award: "Employment Coaching for the Veteran at Your Door: Practical Insights from a Non-profit" - By Paulette M. Risher (Workplaces dept)


2016 - editors' choice award: "What’s Love Got to Do with…Careers?" by Tara Iagulli (Counselor Educator's department)


2015 - editors' choice award: "Career Planning for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome" by Barbara Bissonnette (Independent Dept)


2014 – editors' choice award: "The Goldilocks Challenge: Getting Postsecondary Education Advice Just Right" by Janet Wall. (K-12 department)


2013 – article on disabilities: “Career Development Keys to Post-School Transition Success for Students with ADHD” by Jessica Sniatecki, Marvin Lalin, Abiola Dipeolu. (K-12 department)


2012 – focus on current economic issues: "Career Development Opportunities Can Be Found By Looking at Own Job" by Maggie McCormick. (Organizations department)

2011 – focus on green careers: "Current Careers in Energy" Helen Harkness. (Organizations department)


2010 - article covering an international population: "Cultural Blindspots in Career Counseling with International Students" by Satomi Yaji Chudasama. (Post-Secondary department)


2009 - unique population & written by a grad student: Natesha Smith "Military to Civilian" (Government department)


2008 - (2 awards, 3 winners) First, an article of significant impact written by a grad student: "30 Tips for New Career Counselors" by Maureen Nelson (SPEC); Second, an article with the highest hit rate for the first 30 days online: "Career Development as Retention Tool" by Wendy Becker-Jamison & Wendy LaBenne. (Post-Secondary department)


2007 - (2 awards, 3 winners) - Grad Student with the highest hit article: "Facebook: Put Your Best Face Forward" by Martina Sternberg & Marie Soto  (Post-Secondary department) & for the first article published: "Career Counseling Specialty: Out with the Old and Bring in the New" by Peter Manzi. (Feature article)



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