The Initiation Phase of Mentoring


Congratulations on joining the NCDA Mentoring Program to the benefit of your professional career and personal life! This program kicked-off with the email introductions on October 6th and the expectation that the first meeting between mentors and mentees will take place within two weeks. This month's email message will focus on the start of your journey together!

A mentoring relationship has four phases: (1) initiation, (2) negotiation, (3) growth, and (4) closure. Because the initiation phase is the most critical stage, it should get priority in your life. This is why we asked that mentors and mentees meet at least every two weeks for the first two months and monthly thereafter.


  • Building rapport – getting to know each other
  • Addressing ambivalence
  • Begin to build trust










Recalling the mentor and mentee orientations, we once again want to share the following:

Tips And Ideas For The Mentoring Relationship Kellee Watkins Page 001

As mentors and mentees clarify expectations and establish communication norms/styles, the Conversation Starters (i.e., list of questions that mentors and mentees may ask each other) may be helpful. Several conversation starters are listed here and the full list is available on page 13 of your Mentoring Program Guidebook.

  • Why did you pursue becoming a mentor?
  • How did your role as a career professional develop?
  • What do you like best about your role?
  • What questions do you have about the future of the profession?


This month's Mentoring Reminders!


If you missed your orientation, you can view the zoom recording on the Mentoring Program webpage.
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Be sure to mark your calendar for the follow-up gathering for both mentors and mentees on December 7, 2022, at 3:00 pm (eastern time).


We hope you enjoy the beginning of your journey!


Sharon Givens
Mentoring Program Visionary

Melanie Reinersman
Mentoring Program Coordinator


Welcome to all Mentees and Mentors!

MENTEE, first name MENTEE, last name MENTOR
Tammy Alcala Pam Ehlers
Ericka Daniels Karol Taylor
Melinda DiBenedetto Kyle Inselman
Penelope Lovatt Jim Peacock
Lisa Owens Marty Apodaca
Derek Poon David Blustein
Mindy Hurd Leslie Prager
Xiahan Li Rebecca Dedmond
Marisa Lagrimas Julia Makela
Fatim Lelenta Kathy Evans
Shelby McIntyre Sandra Sylvestre
Deanna Knighton Paul Timmons
Ashley Osborne Melissa Wheeler
Delasia Rice Carolyn Jones
Kim Parker Dirk Matthews
Yangyang Liu Christian Chan
Tanisha Stokes Amanda Chenkin
Rasha Madkour Heather Zeng
Subadra Ilan David Reile
Margaret (Peggy) Bedevian Jessica Worny
Afaf Almujalli Ahmed Mostfa
Susan Bender Edward Colozzi
Lauren Stricof Spencer “Skip” Niles
Hong (Esther) Wang Constance “Connie” Pritchard
Aliaa El-Dardery Brian Hutchison
Kate Rizzi Sue Pressman
Candina Janicki Hyung “Joon” Yoon
Cathy Boice Margaret Sproule
Kathy Fowler Celeste Hall
Tony Warren Mark Danaher

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