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NCDA presents a number of webinars each year on topics of deep significance to members and those involved in the field of career development. Presenters are leading experts on the topics and often are NCDA members or committees. Webinars provide professional development and an opportunity to earn continuing education (CE).

The next webinar is February 8, 2022:

Partners or Silos?
Reimagining Education & Workforce Development

Too often, education and workforce systems operate in separate worlds. The school experience should prepare students for the world of work, yet far too many students are not exposed to a myriad of career possibilities – and they do not understand their unique strengths, interests, and values. The workforce development system then tries to support job seekers who are little prepared or unclear on what they want to do. The San Diego Workforce Partnership is collaborating with school districts across the county to disrupt this disconnect, providing training, tools, and strategies to support all students in accessing the world of work.

Presenters: Sarah Burns, Director of Learning at the San Diego Workforce Partnership, and Peter Callstrom, CEO San Diego Workforce Partnership


Tuesday, February 8, 2022
3:00-4:00 pm (Eastern Time)

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Presenter Information:

Sarah Burns has over a decade of combined experience in the fields of education, workforce development, and leadership development. As the Director of Learning at the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Sarah infuses career development best practices into the programs offered by the publicly funded workforce development system and its network of providers. She also designs and delivers professional development for San Diego’s teachers, school leaders and career counselors, drawing upon her experience as a high-school math teacher in New York City. Sarah uses her expertise in labor market research to illuminate present employment needs and future trends in a way especially relevant to K-12 schools, institutes of higher education, and other job-training providers. Sarah leverages her professional practice and degrees in economics and math education to support successful labor market outcomes for San Diegans, with a passion for students and the younger workforce. She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and is skilled in helping individuals and groups to illuminate and amplify their strengths to find success in the world of work.

Peter Callstrom has led nonprofits in the San Diego region for 30+ years. He joined the SDWP as CEO in 2012. Peter and his team have transformed the SDWP and reimagined workforce development delivery and impact. Peter and team have built a diverse budget ($48M) from multiple investors (public, private and philanthropy), and delivered varied workforce programs to empower job seekers of all ages. With federal resources, they manage a countywide network of full-service career centers. With an emphasis on underserved populations, but available to all job seekers, the SDWP and its partners reach 50K+ annually. The SDWP created the first and only workforce Income Share Agreement (ISA) fund, an innovative student financing model to access post-secondary skills - students pay back to the fund, creating an ‘evergreen’ fund that empowers future participants. The SDWP utilizes in-depth labor market research and deploys content via K-14 educational materials and ‘MyNextMove’ – an online experience to inform and inspire students, teachers, and job seekers and the ‘Launch Pad’ with the Cajon Valley School District – an innovative in-person K-12 experience that integrates career exploration with academics. Other innovative projects: TechHire, Cybersecurity career training, Construction Career Jumpstart, Dental Assistant Training, Connect2Careers – youth employment, Reentry for justice-involved, “High Road” Training Partnerships, and more. Recipient of the “WIOA Trailblazer” award (of 550 workforce boards around the country) and USD’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ award for excellent governance, the SDWP is a nationally recognized leader. Peter was named “nonprofit CEO of year” by the San Diego Business Journal in 2021.


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