Journal Library Form Letter

To: Education and Counseling Librarian
From: (enter your position, department, email address)
Re: Journal subscription recommendation

I recommend that the Library subscribe to the Career Development Quarterly (ISSN: 0889-4019).

This journal can be ordered through EBSCO.

I recommend this journal because (use one or more of the following):

  1. I have evaluated the content of this journal and can confirm that the high quality of these articles will be of significant benefits to faculty and students in teaching and research.
  2. I will be using this journal for my courses and reading lists.
  3. I will be using this journal for my own research and scholarship.
  4. This journal is highly ranked in the ISI Journal Citation Reports and is, therefore, a critical acquisition for our collection in counseling and education.
  5. I am a member of the Editorial Board and as such will be using it regularly for research, article submission, and as a teaching aid.


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