Appreciation and the Negotiation Phase of Mentoring


Happy Global Career Development Month to all mentors and mentees! I hope during your sessions this month you will take an opportunity to discuss the global impact of career development and the important work of career development professionals.

By now you have had an opportunity to complete your initial meeting, discuss your expectations and begin to build trust. Soon you will begin the Negotiation Phase. During this phase you will cultivate the alliance, establish a cadence for communication and devote key time and energy to goal setting.

A few key questions to answer during this phase:Photo By Zhuo Cheng You On Unsplash

  • What is our path to a successful mentoring relationship?
  • What strategic methods will we use to achieve our goals?
  • How do we make this process fun?


The Four Phases of a Mentoring Relationship


  • Building rapport – getting to know each other
  • Addressing ambivalence
  • Begin to build trust





  • Set boundaries
  • Goal setting: Formulate a working plan and map out strategies
  • Decide on the process for accountability
  • If the parties discover that they are incompatible it is at this stage to decide on how to part ways amicably.








We aim to providing you support throughout all phases of your relationship.


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During this season of thanksgiving, take a moment and show some gratitude for your mentor and mentee.  Perhaps send a note of appreciation between your sessions. 

“If you light a lamp for someone else
it will also brighten your path”


This month's Mentoring Reminders!


Add your best practice or pose a question on the Mentoring Program webpage.
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Be sure to mark your calendar for the follow-up gathering for both mentors and mentees on December 7, 2022, at 3:00 pm (eastern time).



I am grateful for your participation in this program.

Sharon Givens
Mentoring Program Visionary


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